Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Those who hate the truth...

...call the truth hate.

Look at this pic created by Rob Tish. I challenged Mr. Tish to disavow how some in the glbt community want to recruit children into the glbt lifestyle through "school safety" programs and he wouldn't do it.

Doesn't this artwork from Mr. Tish imply that NOM members and supporters want to kill gays? Wow! Wouldn't this make some gays think that NOM was a danger to their lives and, therefore, inspire violence against NOM members? This level of homofascism is really dangerous to those who stand for true marriage. I never thought that I would live in a World were believing that marriage was between one man and one woman would get you compared to a lynching Klansman.


  1. Truth can be a bitter pill to swallow, Carl.

    I can't help but notice you made no mention to the individual that influenced Mr. Tish to create that image you posted.

    Why not?

  2. I'm not aware of "the individual."

  3. This picture is a partial replica of a sign that a NOM supporter had at a rally last week (I'd like to say the Lima, OH one, but I could be wrong). The sign also had a verse from Leviticus on it.

  4. Rob's last name is Tisinai. How's that truth thing working out for you?

  5. By your own tacit admission on this page, you read Joe.My.God, who posted Rob's recreation of the nooses originally created by the NOM supporter, as well as a photo of the original (twice). I seriously doubt that you are "not aware" of its origin. Are you, like, 14? Or do you think everyone else is?

    Your disingenuous and easily disproved accusation of homofacism on the part of someone (Rob) who faithfully reinterpreted a placard with a graphic death threat held by a NOM supporter is like Hitler complaining about French rudeness.

    Since you are obviously a provocateur trolling for reaction from the gay people you villify, why not use Google to monetize with ads your heterosexual supremacist posture?

    Or aren't enough people reading your blog?

    Copyright 2010, Enzo Cerusico. All Rights Reserved.

  6. Mr. Enzo,

    (Do they call you "end-zone" at gay clubs? HA!)
    I actually haven't seen the "original" photos of the alleged NOM supporter since I don't spent a lot of time on JMG'S blog. I know that NOM does NOT support violence against gays (nor do I) and Mr. Tish's "reinterpetation" clearly implies that NOM itself supports the lynching of gays.
    I consider Mr. Tish a homofascist not for this single post, but for portraying me as someone who believes that ALL gays are child molesters when I do NOT. He did this in his video that you can easily access via my standing challenge to him on this blog.
    Also, it was a homovocateur (Copyright 2010, Mantronikk. All Rights Reserved.) and my subsequent exposure to homofascism that inspired my creation of heteroseparatist.com and this blog. I only "villify" homofascists and all homosexuals aren't homofascists. I don't strive with anyone who doesn't attack me first.

  7. He was playing on this sign, held by a NOM supporter at a NOM rally. Even if NOM itself does not officially endorse violence against gays, their rhetoric does nothing to diminish violence and creates a supportive community for this kind of thought.


  8. The sign held by the NOM supporter wasn't endorsed or printed by NOM. Any person can go to any gathering of any sort and hold up a sign. By your same reasoning, if there is just one homosexual holding up a sign at a NAMBLA gathering, I can make the arguement that the gay community supports NAMBLA.


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