Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gays who hate Christians.

"Hate speech" will someday be defined as anything that the glbt community doesn't want to hear. And Christians will be prosecuted under hate speech laws. For the full details, click here.

(Do NOT read "comments" if your under 18. Harsh language alert!)


  1. Well, I'm here. Given the general level of easily disproven hatemongering fact-distorting bullshit I'm seeing on your blog so far I don't have much faith in having a mature, rational intelligent debate. I fully expect you to textually shout down any and every fact I offer for my arguements while continuing to post oudated discredited research and outright disproven lies as you seem to do constantly on your blog to "disprove" anything I come up with. Maybe you'll surprise me and actually attempt a mature adult discussion, but given that insanely idiotic movie-thatre analogy you tried to pass off on me I have very little hope of that.

    FYI; Joe.My.God likely won'r reply to you because it just isn't worth his time or energy debating you. He's already explained why he's against teaching about ANY sex, not just homosexuality, before Grade 6, and that is because before Grade 6 is too young to be taught intimate sex ed of any kind. The fact he acknowledges a parents' right of consent does not as you so absurdly suggest prove anything gay is bad but that we respect the beliefs of others and their right to with-hold such education from THEIR OWN children. We DO NOT however respect the misuse of one's personal beliefs to LEGALLY force us to remain second class. And FYI II; NO ONE has been arrested for saying homosexuality is wrong and no one ever will be and you damned well know it. KKK members don't get arrested in the USA for saying black people shouldn't get white boys' jobs. To get arrested for your hate speech you have to be actively advocating DIRECT VIOLENCE against a minority. So no, a preacher saying "Homosexuality is an abominable sin" won't get arrested. A preacher who says "Go out and beat up any fag you find because God hates them" would be.

    No gay wants to "recruit" schoolchildren. Contrary to your denials, gay is born, not recruited or chosen. Some activists want homosexuality taught about on equal terms whenever heterosexuality is taught about so kids know it isn't evil, just different. NO activist, contrary to fearmongering, wants it taught BY ITSELF or INSTEAD of hetero sex ed.

    So, can you surprise me by debating me like a mature adult? Surprise me. I DARE you to surprise me. You'd be the first anti-gay blogger to ever do so. PLEASE surprise me. I'm so bloody tired of loudmouth lying bullies yelling misinformation at me because they can't just discuss differing viewpoints maturely. Be the first one to show me it's even possible, I'm begging you. If you don't, it'll be a VERY short debate, because I don't humour lying hatemongers refusing to discuss fact maturely longer than a couple days. Once I've trounced them, I move on and just let them rant.

    Ball's in your court Movie Boy.

    PS - I'll be posting this comment text on my own blog to make sure it stays honest. Anyone reading both will know if you alter my comment in any way, so TRY to be honest.

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  3. FYI? Linking to Peter LaBarbera's site to "prove" your anti-gay claims will bite you in the ass. His is a publicly declared hate group, and his site relies purely on discredited research and outright lies and distortions to make it's case against equality. Citing anything he or his people say is like citing Hitler for an accurate opinion on Jewish culture.

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  5. What is your definition of "hate speech"?

  6. My definition of hate speech is simple.

    Derogatory speech towards a group you dislike that is designed to paint them in a bad light, ranging from unpleasantly unflattering as a whole to outright mean-spiritedly negative. You have clearly engaged in this tactic. You make grandiose broadstroke blanket claims about how "the gays" are out to destroy the American family or similar such statements, painting the entire community as some evil conspiracy to force children to disobey their parents and make hetero couples divorce, a claim designed to make gullible people afraid of us. This form of hatespeech is especially disingenuous when you consider that all reputable unbiasewd facts and studies prove we want nothing to do with how YOUR families live, we simply want fair true equal respect, acknowledgement and protections for ours. The ONLY way a gay marriage is a threat to a hetero marriage is if one of those hetero folks is actually a closeted gay. If both folks in the hetero marriage are fully hetero and committed and love each other, there is absolutely nothing MY marriage can or will do to change that. To claim othewrwise is to paint a dishonest picture intended to provoke fear, and that is why I qualify it as hatespeech.

    I live in Canada where both gay marriage is legal AND gays can serve openly in our military. And absolutely NONE of the big fearmongering red herrings you American hatemongers swear up and down will happen if such things occur dow there have happened here. Hetero divorce rates didn't skyrocket, or in fact change at all. There was no mass exodus of soldiers demanding a discharge to escape the gays. Canada's economy has in fact been significantly boosted by gay marriage. And no preachers or pastors here have ever been thrown in jail for continuing to claim otherwise. Canada is proof that NOM is wrong.


    PS - As both of my first comments seem to be doubles, I will be deleting the copies. No need to clog your comments any more than is neccessary.

  7. I have already figured out where you're wrong, BUT, I have one more question before I give you my detailed response. Would you tolerate someone teaching your child,in grades K thru 6,that homosexuality was wrong, WITHOUT your consent?

  8. Two things.

    1) I already answered your ignorant and deceptive question when I pointed out and agreed with why Joe.My.God is against it, and it include ALL sex, not just gay sex. You aqre deliberately phrasing the question in a deceptive way to steer the conversation in your favour, a classic tactic of a coward afraid of an honest mature debate. I don't want my children learning how STRAIGHT people fuck in kindergarten either, but as it's only "t3h gayz" you hate, you're oh so very careful to exclude them. And no, I was not wrong anywhere in my answer to your first question and you know it, you are again being dishonest to promote your lies.

    Secondly, If you want a mature debate, apologize for the unneccessary and childish insult, or we're done. I do not humor hatemongering juvenile idiots who claim to want a debate but resort to sexist homophobic insults when they cannot refute an argument. Apologise or we're done, and you lose the debate by default for resorting to insults as a rebuttal thus proving you have nothing. The ONLY reason to start calling me "She-Man of Hedon" is because you know none of your hatemongering lies stand up to scrutiny and that you are garaunteed to lose an adult intelligent debate. If you have such faith in your argument, you do not need to resort to insults. If you need to resort to insults, you have no faith in the validity of your argument.

    So if you expect me to believe you genuinely wanted an actual debate, then DEBATE me, or be dismissed as the sad little troll I'm beginning to suspect you really are.

  9. I will consider an apology only after you give me a simple answer to my last question concerning YOUR kids being taught that homosexuality was wrong WITHOUT your consent. I've already posted your comments despite your foul language which I have never done in the history of my blog. Can you not give me a simple answer to my last simple question and stop making an excuse to retreat?

  10. No, you just apologise, PERIOD. The debate is over until you do. I have called your arguments idiotic, but I have yet to insulkt YOU DIRECTLY in such a way as you did. I haven't called you a closet homo, I haven't called you a Christian nutjob, I have limited my insults to your arguments, and given the idiocy of them I've been restrained. I have not insulted YOU. If you want me to answer ANY further questions, apologise for the She-Man line and agree to keep it civil or we are DONE. And no excuses or trying to twist it into me being a coward running to claim victory. If our debate ends, it will ONLY be because you couldn't be a mature adult and apologise and admit you were wrong to go there as a rebuttal tactic. I have publicly stated I will continue the debate IF you apologise. The debate's future is in YOUR hands, not mine. The only excuses here are yours. You get no answers until I get an apology. Somehow though, I get the feeling that you'll never apologise just so you can lie your ass off and claim I ran from the debate or you won it because I couldn't answer or some other such bullshit when it is very public that the debate is simply on hold until you apologise and I am perfectly willing to continue it once you do.

  11. You have NOT stated what YOU would do if your children were being taught, in gradeschool, that homosexuality was wrong, WITHOUT your consent.


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