Monday, July 26, 2010

Lt. Dan Choi.

Why did this guy join the Armed Forces of The United States of America when he knew that openly gay service members weren't welcome? It had to be for the attention he would get by rebelling against sexual sanity. A classic "spotlight" homosexual that I described in my manifesto. Did Mr. Choi ever stop to think about how he my be embarrassing his parents and his siblings? There must be someone with sexual sanity in his family. Sad story here.


  1. Are you kidding? There are plenty of reasons. Maybe he didn't really know he was gay. Maybe he thought the gay would go away. Maybe he thought he could suppress his feelings. Maybe because he's fluent in Arabic and thought he could be useful. You think it was for the the attention he would get by rebelling against sexual sanity? Maybe he just loves his country and wanted to serve like millions of other gay people throughout all the wars this country has ever waged. Read the Declaration of Independence you idiot. "...all men are created equal " doesn't mean just straight people.

  2. Has an American military officer that was discharged for adultry ever chained himself to the fence around the White House because of his love for his mistress? Sexual misconduct in the Armed Forces is just that. He knew this when he went into the military. How is he NOT being treated as an "equal"?


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