Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A win for homofascism.

What if a feminist group on a college campus refused to allow men in their organization. Would that group be denied recognition by the college? What if a Jewish organization on that same college campus denied admission to a self-proclaimed Neo-Nazi with swastikas tattooed on his face. Would anyone on that college campus be offended? Would that Jewish group be attacked by the college? Would that college deny their funding? These things would not happen, unless...the college group was a Christian organization. Story here.

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  1. The point of the ruling was to ensure that all Christians would be included, gay or otherwise. Even going past that, however, since the group receives funding from the college (a state school that is supported by tax dollars, mind you), they are obligated to follow the non-discrimination policies of the school. All organizations have to follow this. If, however, a student is disruptive to a group, seeking to undermine it in some way, they can be expelled from the group for such behavior. Trust me, I'm a coordinator for an organization at my college.

    As for your examples: feminist groups by and large accept men as members. Who wouldn't want more support for their cause? In fact at my school there is a feminist group set up primarily for men, although women can join and show their support for male feminists.

    Neo-Nazis joining Jewish organizations is a different story altogether. They would seek to destroy the organization and thus would not be let in or, if they were, they could be expelled for actions that undermine the organization.

    Besides, you're making the assumption that gay people can't be Christians. I'm a gay Catholic. You also assume that gay people hate Christians, which is quite false; many gay people are frustrated by how Christianity has treated them, but even so the vast majority of them hold no anger towards the people who profess the Christian faith.


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