Monday, June 14, 2010

Debate with a transsexual.

This is Kehrli, who claims to be a transsexual. I'm trying to find out if this person, "Kehrli" condones pushing a glbt agenda down the throats of children WITHOUT the consent of their parents. I've already asked Kehrli if he would want someone teaching his child Christian values WITHOUT his consent. I don't believe that I'm ever going to get a simple, "No. I wouldn't," from Kehrli because a simple "No," from him would implode his glbt point-of-view concerning the parental rights of God-fearing parents. My conversation with Kehrli is here.
OMG!! He admits that he believes that Christian parents should not be able to exclude their children from sex-ed classes, stating that homosexual subject matter is never taught. On occasion, descriptions of male-on-male sexual activities do take place in these classes. Look at this raw homofascism! (R-rated language alert.)
Now, at 1638hrs PST, it appears that he's banning my response! Look here, at the bottom of page 6. How can Kehrli (rhymes with "girly"?) deny his fear of me if he bans my responses? Now, at 1930hrs, Kehrli has even deleted some of my posts. Wow. How sad. The Borg Queen meets species 8472!


  1. Children will be exposed to such things even if they are not taught in the classroom. I for one would prefer my children to learn about homosexuality, gender identity, and sexual intercourse in the safer setting of a classroom rather than in a bathroom stall with a classmate.

    It is our duty as adults to give children all the information and knowledge we have available to us so that they can see the world clearly and make decisions using the compass of their hearts.

    Adults need to have more faith in the younger generation. Children can hear His voice much clearer than any adult.

  2. But there are parents who recognize that homosexual subject matter in sex education classes is becoming too explicit and prevalent for their tastes. The rights of these parents should be observed and honored if they chose to remove their children from sex ed classes that explain sex acts between men in detail. These parents are too often dismissed as "homophobes," and their right to supervise their children's education is being taken away by gay activists.


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