Saturday, June 5, 2010

Topless she-males at the beach.

Mr. and Mrs. Jones take their son and daughter to the beach. After they arrive and set camp with their beach blankets, cooler, and large umbrella, Mrs. Jones notices that her 9-year-old son staring at someone with a surprised look on his face. To her horror, Mrs. Jones sees that her son is staring at a topless woman! She quickly covers her children's eyes with her hands and yells to her husband to call the police.

The police arrive and interview the woman and then walk over to Mr. and Mrs. Jones and tell them that the topless "woman" is really a man and that there's nothing that they (the police) can do because the "transgendered" man isn't breaking any laws because it isn't illegal for a man to be topless, especially at the beach. The police then go on to explain that they may have to arrest Mr. and Mrs. Jones if they speak in anger to the topless "woman," since it would be considered harassment because "she" is employed by the owners of the beach as a lifeguard and is under the legal protection of ENDA!

Mr. Jones turns beet red but doesn't speak rudely to the police or the topless "woman." The Jones's promptly leave the beach and, shortly after they get home, Mr Jones has a heart attack and dies!

Do you think that this scenario couldn't happen? It very well could! My supporting evidence is here.

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