Thursday, February 28, 2013

Don't tell Coy that he is a boy.

I was astonished by this story.  What kind of parents don't have the moral and biological clarity to tell their 6-year-old son that he can't be a girl?  As human beings, we can't change our gender.  What kind of "medical professionals" did they consult?  Gay nurses?  Why does this woman refer to her son as "she," when he has a penis?  How does this child stand a chance with parents that don't have enough sense to know that a person with a penis is a "he," no matter what gender he wants to be?  Why can't Coy"s parents understand that his penis doesn't belong in the women's/girl's restroom? 

A comment on Discus that summed-up the foolishness of this boy's parents has disappeared.  The comment had 3600+ approvals and went something like; "A person has the right to their own beliefs, but not to their own reality.  I have the right to believe that I'm the greatest astronaut in the world, but NASA doesn't then have the responsibility to send me into space."

More info here.   

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