Tuesday, February 19, 2013

True pic.

Beloved readers, this blog is not dead yet.  I've been exhausted by work lately, but this blog will live as long as I do.  I plan on much more detailed posts in the future.

97% of the comments to my blog are deleted for their violation of my commenting rules.  Only those who are willing to play by the rules will have their comments posted.


  1. Thank you, Mantronikk, for your persistent efforts to expose and defeat the homosexualist assault on 3,300 years Judeo-Christian sexual morality. The core institution of Western Civilization, monogamous heterosexual marriage, is now at risk of destruction. Not enough of the people who should be leading the fight--I'm thinking mainly of the Christian clergy--are rising to the occasion . . . but you are. God bless you for the time, treasure, and work that you put into this site.

  2. Is it not absolutely absurd that a person can be attacked or even killed for standing up for God's definition of marriage? I delete comments, without reading them, based on the sender of the comment. You are one of the few commenters that get through because of your name.

    I will never stop shining the light of truth on homofascists. They should have NEVER attacked me. The glbt community can't even draw hostile attention to my blog without doing more harm to theirselves than to me. The mere word, "heteroseparatist" is radioactive to the gay community.

    Your comments are much appreciated.


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