Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Is Orson Scott Card like kryptonite to the supergay?

This man is Orson Scott Card.  He is one of the greatest sci-fi writers of our time.

I first read one of Mr. Card's short stories in the December 1978 issue of the now defunct Omni magazine.  I actually have the magazine on my desk right now since I have the first ten years of Omni magazine in my office.  My very probable next post concerning how homosexuals are made will be from the March 1982 issue of Omni.

My favorite book in my office is The Science Fiction Encyclopedia edited by Peter Nicholls.  In this book, a division of science fiction is called "adsurdist reality."  How ironic that I find myself living in an absurdist reality where a sci-fi writer is attacked for his belief and acknowledgement of true marriage!

Anyhow, some homofascists are upset over Orson Scott Card's involvement in a new Superman comic series, just because Mr Card believes that a marriage is between one man and one woman.  Wow.  Amazing.  Some gays actually want this man fired from his job because he adheres to God's definition of marriage.

Story here.

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