Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Tisinai Formula. (Updated 01 May 2014.)

Well, here it is. The Tisinai Formula.

Allow me to explain...

I was recently involved in a debate with a gay man who told me that a gay person was 1,320 times more likely to be assaulted by a straight person than vice-versa and he showed me this link to support his math. I didn't challenge his math, nor did I point out that the legal definition of assault includes name-calling. Mr. Tisinai also went on to tell me that 4% of adults ( 1 in 25 ) are members of the GLBT community. Although my research has that number at 2.8% ( 7 out of 250), I decided to accept his numbers of 1,320 and 4% in order to present my own numerical breakdown of gay vs. straight misconduct.

I have statistics (my original link was different) statistics that show that 33% of girls are sexually molested before the age of 18 and 14% of boys are sexually molested before the age of 18.

When homosexuality is correctly defined as male-on-male sexual intercourse or sexual contact, the Tisinai formula illustrates how gay men are far more dangerous to young boys than heterosexual men are to young girls. My point is illustrated by this question...

If a village of 960 men molests 33 girls, and a village of 40 men molests 14 boys, which village is more dangerous to children? I asked Mr. Tisinai to tell me, "Where is the heterosexual equivalent to NAMBLA?" (A public organization of men who desire to legalize sex with young boys!) He hasn't yet answered my question. No anti-hetero person has ever been able to answer that question. Doesn't the mere existence of NAMBLA support the Tisinai formula?

I do NOT wish to associate Mr. Tisinai with child molesters, I simply used the numerical data he provided to construct my formula.


  1. You make the false assumption that straight men wouldn't molest boys. Like rape, molestation has a great deal to do with having power over someone else, regardless of the gender of the person.

    I fail to understand your logic regarding a "heterosexual version of NAMBLA". Because heterosexuals don't have an actual organization promoting the molestation of children they are somehow above reproach? Based on the wikipedia article about NAMBLA, it seems like this group has almost ceased to exist. Yet here you are linking them to the gay community. You also seem to be inferring that LGBT people tacitly approve of NAMBLA because it involves (presumedly) gay men. When in fact the entire gay community condemns the abuse of children and only supports relationships between consenting adults. Which would explain the current civil rights battle for the right to marry one another.

  2. I don't get the logic. All the prison rapes are being perpetrated by homosexuals? Shoot, we must have a lot of homosexual felons.

  3. But...the numbers he gave you were for openly gay men, not closeted gay men or men who are attracted to children. You can't take clearly defined statistics and completely redefine them to suit yourself, ignoring the fact that many academics, scientists, and statisticians have actually studied this situation and crunched the real numbers and come up with completely different results; openly gay men are very, very unlikely to sexually abuse children.

    The erroneous belief that straight and straight-identifying men don't molest young boys actually makes it more difficult for those boys to speak out and get help (they think the abuse makes them gay) and get justice (predators hide behind their heterosexuality and straight marriages, and juries believe them). The misinformation and twisted logic you're promoting here is incredibly harmful to victims of pedophilia. I encourage you to educate yourself and revisit your comments here.

  4. You people just loooove NAMBLA, don't you? Typical. NAMBLA barely exists today; all it ever was was a handful of pedophiles that formed a group.

    The gay community despises NAMBLA, and even more, despises the misleading and dishonest way that homobigots like you use it as one of their tools of hatred in their big box of lies.

    Why is it that people like you must loudly trumpet the assertions that you're so full of love and harbor no hatred? ... Your logo is an example -- like thick face paint masking the ugly pus-filled acne underneath.

    Your site is nothing but the same old well-worn, contrived lies, discredited "research" and debunked claims that are passed around all of the anti-gay websites. Nothing original except for your purdy logo.

    Bigots must always work backwards from their predetermined viewpoints, and twist the facts so that they bring them to the conclusions to which they already hold firm.

    Anyhoo, I'm glad, I guess, that your life gets purpose by this.


  5. Mr. Tisinai tried to wow me with his math and ended up getting his feelings hurt. Anyhow, what are some gays going to do? NOT molest children to prove me wrong ;-)

    1. Wow. You are really blind to the vitriol that you spew.
      For one, you admit that you said something hurtful to or about Mr. Tisinai, and yet you're completely unashamed. Doesn't the Bible say something about "loving your neighbor," even if that neighbor is a wounded stranger lying by the side of the road that leads to Jericho? Even if Tisinai is gay, you still do not have the right to completely disregard his feelings and his rights as a human being.
      Number two- When I was eleven years old, I was tricked into letting an acquaintance into the house while I was alone. He was in his thirties, and he was married to one of my mother's female friends. He had two kids, which does seem to indicate that he was attracted enough to females to conjugate with one several times. He still molested me. Your assertion that gay men are pedophiles and that pedophiles are gay men is as baseless as saying that the Earth revolves around the sun. I am not the only girl who can speak from personal experience on this matter, I assure you.
      I would rather face Steve 100 times again than put up with one cruel, spiteful creature like you. Perhaps YOU should read the Bible with an open mind?

    2. Bunny: I have NEVER said that ALL homosexuals are molesters. Rob Tisinai LIED about me when he said that in his video. I have laid down a challenge to Rob Tisinai to denounce speaking to young boys about ENTERING the glbt community WITHOUT the consent of that child's parents, and Mr. Tisinai will NOT do that. I have denounced, on this blog, speaking to children about anything sexual without the actual presence of their parents, and 99% of homosexual men will NOT match my pledge. What does that tell you? All of your questions and false accusations are addressed here...

  6. Wow. You people don't just hate gay adults, do you? You hate children too.

    See, if you did not hate children--if you cared about the wellbeing of kids, if you had an ounce of compassion in you for the survivors of child sex abuse--you'd never dream of writing a post like this. You know about the real research into who poses a risk to kids. You are perfectly well aware that it doesn't point to openly gay men (who, by definition, are attracted to other adults and not to children).

    But you don't care. You are perfectly happy to go on lying about this--even though that means callously exploiting the suffering of abused children to serve your political agenda. That suffering means nothing to you.

    If people like you cared about children, posts like this just wouldn't happen. You might go on lying about gay adults, but you wouldn't lie about this. You wouldn't let your own agenda override the need to protect kids. You wouldn't pretend that a threat exists where it doesn't. And you'd never, ever dream of allowing abuse to flourish in the dark--the inevitable result of these kinds of lies.

    You hate children.

  7. Your absurd accusation will be addressed in the next match between Mr. Tish and myself.

  8. Ahh. So instead of hating children, you are wholly indifferent to their suffering--this being the only other reason why a person would knowingly choose to twist and distort the facts around child sex abuse to serve a political agenda. Interesting.

    Well, seeing as Matthew 25:40 isn't doing it for you, might I suggest a peek at Exodus 20:16? Or have you ditched scripture altogether in favour of something less demanding?

  9. open your eyes and stop trying to spread lies
    you know
    some say that if you bag on something enough you might be hiding something
    catch my drift

  10. "Mr. Tisinai tried to wow me with his math and ended up getting his feelings hurt. Anyhow, what are some gays going to do? NOT molest children to prove me wrong ;-)"

    Is this a response to me or Vera? ... it’s not clear.
    But, what IS clear, is that Math wows you, and attempts at humor fail you. ";-)"

  11. Mr. Tisinai has in fact responded to you with a video post here:

    As many other commenters have said, openly gay men - men who are attracted to other adult males and are open about this fact - are extremely unlikely to molest children of either gender. Saying that they are dangerous because some men molest boys is like saying that every man who's attracted to adult women is dangerous because some men molest girls.

  12. Elizabeth, you have your dates wrong. My RESPONSE to Mr.Tish's video has STILL gone unanswered. He has errors in his video that he won't correct, as I have corrected posts that he has challenged on this blog. He portrays me as saying that ALL gays are molesters, which is/was a lie.

    Just as there is a link between the sexual behavior of women who have been abandoned by their fathers or sexually molested at a young age, there is a similar link to boys/men who have same-sex-attraction.

  13. Am I the only one who is having trouble seeing the math here? How many children, and of what genders, are in each village? Or do the villages share a pool of children? Does each village have just one gender of adult? And why would we expect that the 33% and 14% hold in a society that is apparently of a different composition than our own, from which those statistics were taken? After all, if a village had only one child and a dozen molesters, we'd expect 100% of children to be molested in that village.

    If you're going to make such claims, Mantronikk, could you at least explain your math in more detail?

  14. Say "Dawg,"

    How can you not see that the 33 girls represent the 33% of girls molested before the age of 18, and the 14 boys represent the 14% of boys molested before the age of 18? In order to have 33% of a group of people, there MUST be an even 100 or 200 or 300 people in that group. So there are at least 100 girls it the village of 960 men, and at least 100 boys in the village of 40 men for the formula to be properly balanced. Also, there must be an equal boy-to-girl ratio in both villages for the formula to make sense, so each village has 100 boys and 100 girls. I thought that that would be obvious to everyone.

  15. Is that all you've got "Dawg"? I've been expecting some sort of witty response.

  16. It's amazing how queers make semantic gymnastics and jump into a newly, desperately tailored definition of "Openly gay men (who, by definition, are attracted to other ADULTS and NOT to children)"... Come on guys! If a male is into molesting boys, that's homosexuality. How you call same-sex acts? -Heterosexuality? .. Following your logic: A 40 y/o male having sex with a 18 y/o boy=homosexuality... but sex between a 40 y/o male and a 17 y/o boy=pedophilia, or hetero pedophilia, or whatever but NEVER a gay, because it doesn't fit in your made-up definition... Your logic is really twisted... Try something better... In order to avoid further confusions, let's use the words Pedophilia and Pederasty. Not every pedophile is a pederast, but all pederasts are pedophiles. You know it well. Pederasty is a paraphilia and the archetypal example of male age-structured homosexuality.


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