Friday, December 18, 2009

Deleted post.

I recently posted..."Church defaced in homosexual community" Upon further investigation due to a challenge by Rob Tish, I have removed said post since the graffiti was apparently NOT done by the GLBT community. I am a heteroseparatist, not a bigot. Congratulations to Mr. Tish for a well-played match.


  1. Thank you. I do appreciate this. I also think you would serve yourself well by questioning why you were so eager to believe the worst of gays and lesbians with so little evidence -- when, in fact, the evidence provided by your own source went against what you were saying.

    Think of this way: if I hadn't pushed and pushed and pushed, you would still be bearing false witness against the LGBT community in this case. Surely that alerts you to the need for a good amount of soul searching.

  2. You're welcome. I was not "eager," but I did put too much stock into Mr. Hartline's accuracy. When I zoomed in on the picture of the church doors, which I had never thought to do and did so at your behest, I saw that you were right. I was misled by the title of his post.
    I grow up with people who would never admit when they were wrong and decided, at a very young age, to be a different kind of man when I grew up. Please take me to your hard evidence first in the future.

  3. Actually, you should realize that as the initial accuser, the requirement to provide hard evidence is on you. To dispute an accusation, all one needs to do is point out the lack of hard evidence.

  4. I'm talking about your hard evidence that refutes my post, and the initial accuser was Mr. Hartline, not me.


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