Tuesday, June 11, 2013

...things that matter.

Homofascism and the redefinition of marriage is already bringing about the persecution of those who serve the Lord Jesus Christ.  I will continue to speak out about the difference between skin color and sexual sin while I still can.


  1. One of the great moral travesties of American public discourse has been the usurpation of the noble mantle of the original Civil Rights Movement by shameless groups--like homosexualists--who want to receive especial status and political privileges from the state; forced acceptance via the police powers of that state, if you will. And one of the saddest spectacles of American public discourse has been the gradual surrender of so many towering figures of the Civil Rights Movement to such groups. The name Jesse Jackson comes to mind straightaway: he used to speak out strongly for traditional morality once upon a time. Now he toes the politically correct line drawn by his masters in the Leftist intelligentsia, Hollywood, and the Democratic Party. He is now shameless.

  2. The word "gay" has a dual meaning that the word "black" doesn't. Many are ignorant of this fact.


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