Friday, February 28, 2014

The Jason Collins paradox.

I was quite upset when the Jason Collins story broke because I was too busy to cover it immediately, and I like to serve fresh bread.  Then, today's chapter in the saga came to my attention and gave me an opportunity to address this issue.  Like always, I was inspired by yet another lie told by those who propel gay propaganda, which I love to expose.

There are two amazing things about the Jason Collins story:

1.  Apparently, Mr. Collins is among those who still believe that Matthew Shepard was murdered by homophobes when he wasn't.  The primary killer of Matthew Shepard was a man who had had sex with other men.

2.  Mr. Collins has an identical twin brother who is straight and nobody is talking about this glaringly obvious proof that nobody is born gay.  Jason Collins is a homosexual and his identical twin brother is heterosexual and they have the exact same DNA!!  Living proof that homosexual behavior is not genetically based is in the spotlight of the American media, and people are heaping praise upon Jason Collins for announcing to the entire world that he has sex with men!  

THIS is how brainwashed people have become by the constant onslaught of homofascist propaganda.  Jason Collins is praised for being a homosexual when he is living proof that a person cannot be born gay!   OMG!!  Two of the greatest lies that underpin the glbt community are in plain sight for all to see... and nobody will point it out! 

I think I'm going to pass out laughing.

Full story here.


  1. Identical twins are not clones. They are not the same person, they do not love or excel at or do the same things. They may have different mannerisms, different styles, different sexual orientations. And your argument, such as it is, could be used to prove that you can't be BORN straight -- clearly Jason Collin's twin brother CHOSE to be straight.

    1. But don't you understand? The glbt community claims that homosexuality is genetic, and Mr. Collins is an identical twin and is homosexual whilst his twin brother is heterosexual.

      Judging by the design of our genitalia, all humans are born to eventually mate with humans of the opposite sex. Some people, like Mr. Collins, reject the design of their own bodies and have sexual relations with people of the same sex, for emotional reasons.


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