Saturday, February 21, 2015

Is this what the glbt community wants??

Just as I was pondering how to post on the upcoming ruling of the Supreme Court and Bruce Jenner I saw the owner of Arlene's Flowers in the news again.

It appears that homosexual couples are inundating Arlene's Flowers with requests for flowers for same-sex "marriages," and each time she refuses, the state fines her $2,000.  The members of the glbt community want to ruin this woman because she will not bow to the redefinition of marriage.  This seems to be a favored tactic for the glbt community, attacking people that seem weak.  I wonder why I've never heard of a homosexual couple going into a Muslim bakery and demanding a wedding cake. 

The very concept of marriage comes from God, and His servants know what the definition of marriage is.  As a true Christian, Mrs. Stutzman will not recognize a marriage between blood relatives, multiple brides, or people of the same sex. 

A true Christian would also not participate in the execution of a homosexual in countries where such executions are legal.

Story here and here.

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