Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Homofascists vs. Chick-fil-A... again!

How sweet it is to have time to blog again!!

Here they go again. Homofascists trying to label a business as “discriminatory” for standing for God’s definition of marriage. Amazing. Is it “discrimination” to listen to the Word of God?! Glbt activists actually want to punish any person or entity that won’t participate or support the redefinition of marriage.

My Biblically inspired stand is to quietly walk away from people who wage war against gender normalcy, yet some that I walk away from will pursue me and try to defame and destroy me. Why is that? Why is it that those who decry hate are filled with hatred for people that just want to enjoy a hot, tasty, chicken sandwich?

Dear homofascists: If you don’t like Chick-fil-A… DON’T EAT THERE!!

“… “When we learned more about Chick-fil-A and its corporate values and discriminatory policies, and after hearing these concerns raised by a section of our student body, we concluded that these corporate values are not aligned with our values as a student body, and it is not in the best interest of our UNK community to pursue Chick-fil-A right now,” he wrote.

Calhoun did not provide any evidence that Chick-fil-A has ever discriminated against anyone – especially the LGBT community. But these days – facts don’t seem to matter. …”

Full story here.

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