Monday, September 5, 2016

HB2 / Transmadness has enough protection okay?

At last!  Time to tend to my beloved blog!  How I did miss decrypting the false arguments of the glbt community!

Once again an articulate member of the glbt community is pitted against a less articulate person who knows God's truth.  Let me see if I can shed some light on what's really going on in this video...

1.  At 00:07, the first cornerstone of deception is laid when Dr. Drew calls this man "Jessica." 

2.  Look at the size of this man at 00:12, yet he alleges that he is afraid of being assaulted.  I wouldn't allow a man this size in a woman's restroom with my wife!

3.  He says that he "feels" like he was born in the wrong body.  So women have to tolerate his penis in their restroom?  Even if his penis has been removed, he still has the chassis of a man, and at least some of the muscle strength thereof; he is still a physical menace to a woman.  What if he flies into a jealous rage upon seeing a woman with her child in the women's restroom?  If he is so emotionally disturbed to believe that he is really female when he was born male, what is to prevent him from twisting-off and assaulting a woman in a woman's restroom?

4.  A gender-neutral restroom is accommodation, not discrimination.  This man is trying to force people to accept his insanity.

5.  "She's a very attractive woman," is a flat-out lie.  He is, at best, a surgically altered man.

6.  At 03:10 the female impersonator starts shaking his leg in anger under the table.  The truth really gets to members of the glbt community.  Every single active member of the glbt community is fighting against the truth of God.

7.  At 4:14 an important truth comes out of the mouth of my true Christian brother.  This man chose to present himself to the world as a woman when he is a man.  This man is upset over his own choices, and wants to rage against those who refuse to accept his transmadness.

The info that inspired this post is here.

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