Sunday, February 4, 2018

Rose McGowan fights back against transtyranny.

I choose have to put my strongest disclaimer on the video below for the inappropriate language it contains. 

Apparently, a gender confused man wanted to heckle Ms. Rose McGowan when she was speaking at a public gathering.  This is what pulled me into my fight against gender-deniers.  Why do gender-deniers always have to be so obnoxious?  I mean, I know that all members of the glbt community aren't obnoxious, but, why can't non-heteros leave heteros alone?  Why is it that, to this day, I am persecuted for my decision to walk away from non-heteros?

What attracted me to this incident is that Ms. Mc Gowan speaks out against being labeled.  For a brief moment, I was in complete synchronization with her.  My heteroseparatist fight is against the false accusation of being called a "homophobe."  It is my knowledge of the truth and the sorrow that that knowledge brings that powers my separation from the glbt community.

More info here.

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