Thursday, April 19, 2018

Hart lesbians abuse and murder adopted children.

I've been wanting to get to this story way sooner but doing my taxes had priority.

This story sickens me on many levels.  First was the use of the word "family."  A family is a man and a woman and their biological or adopted children or the remnant thereof.  Two women with adopted children cannot realistically be called a "family."

Adults failed these kids on many levels, especially the parents of these kids.  Then a society that doesn't have the guts to tell two women that their sexual misconduct disqualifies them from being adoptive parents has, ultimately, contributed to the deaths of these children.  The word "homophobe" has destroyed the lives of these children.  I hate to see children suffer because of the foolish actions of adults.

Every time I go to work, I deal with the results of children that weren't raised in a traditional, patriarchal family.  Even today, I had a brief interaction with a man who was so gender confused, that he was physically larger than me, but was masquerading as a woman. 

A child has the right to a father and a mother.  Those who believe differently are wrong, and, like always, time will prove the Word of God to be right.

As of the date of this post, two of the seven children are still missing.

More complete info here and here.

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