Sunday, June 26, 2022

Roe vs. Wade today. Same-sex "marriage" tomorrow?

I was wondering what it was going to take to get me to start blogging again. 

Between my work schedule, the headache of covid-19, crazy inflation, the innocent people of Ukraine being murdered, and weekly mass shootings, I've been psychologically worn-out.  Then there's my depression at the absurdist reality that there's not enough common-sense in this world to not let a man compete against women in a women's swimming competition.  Then there's the fact that I've already covered so many aspects of  homofascism from so many different angles already. 

I remember the sadness I felt when SCOTUS redefined marriage for the nation.  I was sad for the eternal souls of those in the glbt community that would be comforted in their journey to the wrath of God.  I have homosexual coworkers that I really care about, and I have to live with the fact that they are on a collision course with the Word of God.  

I am so jaded by the evil in this world, that I was stunned to see the Supreme Court get something right for a change.  I never thought that I would see justice for the unborn from the highest court in the land.

I can see if a woman or girl has been impregnated without her consent, or her pregnancy will kill her, or incest between minors is involved, or fetal deformity is involved.  That's different.  But convenience abortion is murder in the eyes of God.  

Look how much the glbt community used to love SCOTUS...

So then, glbt community... where is your love for SCOTUS now?  HA! HA!!

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