Thursday, April 6, 2023

Evelyn Dieckhaus, 9-years-old, martyred by trans activist.

This is Evelyn Dieckhaus.  Along with two other children her age, and three adults, this nine-year-old girl was murdered by a trans-activist.  

I would've gotten to this post sooner were it not for my broken laptop.  And I've also been slowed because of the shock of this very unnecessary death of a child. 

Now, nobody can deny the danger that the glbt community poses to those who don't support their choice to live a lifestyle that gives the middle finger to God Himself.

I have very few pictures on the walls of my office, but this one is very most probably the next.

Glbt activists are now, literally, killing harmless children!!

More info about Evelyn Dieckhaus here.

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