Thursday, December 17, 2009

True hate from those fighting "hate."

I've often said that, if a person can be pro-homosexual without being anti-hetero, then a person can be pro-hetero without being anti-gay. This is one of the core principles of heteroseparatism; hate-free disagreement. It seems to me that most gay activists have much more hatred in their hearts than those that they accuse of having "hatred." Click on my evidence here.


  1. Gays get this sort of thing from Christians all the time, but I guess because LaBarbera doesn't have FBI data to show a pattern of persecution against Christian, he has to make a big deal over a little email.

    By the way, you sure like to quote people like LaBarbera, Heath, and Lively, who favor criminalizing homosexuality. Do you favor such a policy?

  2. Do you see anything wrong with a straight teacher discussing her upcoming marriage? Or do you think we should have two different standards of what is allowed -- one for straights, and a separate, more restrictive one for gays?

  3. Criminalizing homosexuality is as absurd as criminalizing those who whish to WALK AWAY from those that embrace the GLBT lifestyle.

  4. Of course, no one is trying to criminalize "those who whish to WALK AWAY from those that embrace the GLBT lifestyle."

    But many of the people you quote with glowing approval DO want to criminalize homosexuality.


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