Monday, April 11, 2011

Discussion with Mr. Rusty Blustering.

Dear Rusty:

I choose not to speak to someone via two different means. I am a monotasker 89% of the time and I'm having a hard time keeping track of our private emails and your comments on my blog posts.

I'm going to ask you to list your problems/questions concerning my heteroseparatist lifestyle in the comment section of this blog post so that I can understand you better. Only you and I are going to talk here. I will be deleting any future private emails or comments to other posts from you until I'm satisfied with your answers to my questions here.

And, to be fair, I won't send you any more emails until you are satisfied with my answers to your questions. I believe that I can help you come to a more Biblical understanding of the Lord Jesus Christ.


  1. First of all, is Rusty Blustering the name on your birth certificate?

  2. I've appreciated reading your answers to my comments and questions, but I have no wish to launch into a full-blown debate at this time.
    Thanks just the same. And thanks for sharing your views, mantronikk.
    In Christian love and peace,
    Rusty B. (Rusty is my lifelong nickname due to my hair color before it went white)

  3. How can you be a true servant of Christ and not jump at the opportunity to make me a better servant of Christ since you have a formal education concerning theology and I do not? I carefully choose a chessboard as the picture for this post; not a boxing ring or a Thunderdome as I have chosen for past encounters. Not only that, our discussion would have been at a pace of YOUR choosing, not mine. We could have taken DAYS to respond to each other and had a centralized location to compare and examine our differing points of view. Wow. I'm surprised by your response.

  4. Truly sorry to disappoint. Easter is less than two weeks away. As a pastor this is my busiest season of the year. If my wife hadn't been busy with her own things yesterday on my day off I wouldn't have had time to write at all. Perhaps we can try this at some later season.
    PS I will be going to Sendai, Japan for ten days shortly after Easter to help with relief.

  5. You're welcome back here, at THIS particular post if you chose to return. BTW you're misrepresenting the Lord IF you tell people the he is okay with their sinful sexual activities. As a minister, you will be in bigger trouble with God(than someone else)for doing so.

  6. On 30 June 2011, I will call attention to the comments of this post as proof that you cannot find legitimate fault with my heteroseparatist philosophy. Especially the fact that you cannot find scripture that proves that my decision to not support the glbt community is sinful.

  7. Well. Here it is. It is 1222hrs, Thursday 30 June 2011.

    Rusty Blustering, where are you? You've had plenty of time since Easter. Where is the sin/flaw in my heteroseparatism? Are you are a false prophet too?


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