Friday, April 8, 2011

SB 48.

Even while they cry..."Gay rights! Gay rights! Gay civil rights!" ...the glbt community doesn't even deny their desire to trample the rights of parents who won't support their sexual conduct. Thanks to this type of behavior, more and more people are starting to see through homosexual propaganda.

The talking heads of the "gay rights" movement will preach that gay people just want to be treated with respect, which is a very reasonable point-of-view, but then turn around and support laws that trample the rights of parents to protect their children.

"...The homosexual movement sees SB48 not only as a model for legislation across the country, but as a way to force homosexuality and transgenderism past parents into the minds of children. .."

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  1. One of the main goals of this blog is to protect children. And while I can understand your distaste for SB48 given your beliefs, have you ever run an article on the bullying problem?
    Just wondering.
    Rusty B.

  2. One of the main goals of my blog is to protect children from homofascism; bullying against gays is covered by the ENTIRE media. I don't feel it necessary to add my voice to theirs. I do care about the safety of sexually confused children, but I don't have the same amount of compassion for a gay child that was attacked, while they were minding their own business, that I do for the child that was attacked because of their obnoxious, flamboyant behavior.

    Are you not aware that, if SB48 becomes law, Christian parents will NOT be able to remove their children from classes where they will be taught that homosexuality is normal? The glbt community wants to do a legal, end-run around the Constitutional rights of Christian parents. This country was founded FOR religious freedom.

  3. You said, "I don't have the same amount of compassion for a gay child that was attacked"...
    The fact you spoke of a "gay child" seems to be a tacit admission a child already has a basic orientation. We've all seen little boys, even pre-schoolers, who act in what are deemed feminine ways and 'tomboy' girls.
    I don't believe you are actively advocating violence, but can you see how some young people might interpret your kind of thinking as "open season" for violence on 'sissy' boys or 'tomboy' girls? At least, by anyone who judges them as "flamboyant."
    That reveals that there is a need for legislation of some kind because some of the bullies are coming from Christian homes. The child most likely to be attacked today is what you yourself call the "gay child."
    And to me it seems the claim that Christian parents are losing rights rings false since no parent is forbidden to teach their children whatever they believe. I like the idea of schools teaching respect for all kinds of people because the bottom line first and foremost is: SCHOOLS MUST PROTECT ALL CHILDREN
    In Christian charity,
    Rusty B.
    P.S. The old canard that "gays are recruiting children and that's how someone becomes gay" has been thoroughly discredited by every medical and psychological association which starts with scientific research and peer-reviews.

  4. I'll write better next time; I should've written,"...a child that thinks that they were born gay." People like you help me write better. Although kids will be kids, true Christian parents don't raise bullies due to the Bible's commandment to live at peace with your neighbor. In Massachusetts, Christian parents were denied the right to be forewarned when gay-is-normal lessons were being taught to their child in public school when the state's Supreme Court denied their case due to the fact that same-sex "marriage" was legal in their state. Redefining marriage adversely affects the lives of true servants of Christ. My pastor may someday be jailed for refusing to "marry" two people that think that they were born gay.

  5. P.S.

  6. Wha hoppen? No posts about those evil homo-sekschwalls since April 13, 2011?

    Have you run out of evil words to print?

    1. Could you be more specific? Can you give me an example of a specific "evil word" or group thereof?


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