Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Catholic Priest stands up to lesbian pressure. (updated 01 Mar.2012)

Although I have great compassion for Barbara Johnson in her time of bereavement, the fact remains that she has willfully embraced sexual sin, and her and her lesbian lesbian lover tried to pressure a servant of Jesus Christ into accepting sexual sin.

The mainstream media is, of course, in full-spin-mode, and only reporting the lesbian's side of the story.

"...Somebody claiming to have ‘first hand’ knowledge, responding to somebody being critical of the priest, comments on the situation:

"I happen to know “First hand” that Barbara went into the sacristy before the mass and introduced herself as a lesbian in an active lesbian relationship… introducing her partner as “her lover” (her words). She left the sacristy before Fr. could have the “private discussion” you talk about. Barbara's “Lover” blocked his way out of the sacristy when he attempted to speak with her further.

Before communion, Fr. clearly announced the “rules” for receiving communion to all present (as is common at most weddings and funerals). These “rules” have been consistent for ages and should be nothing new to Catholics… ..."

Here and here's what really happened.

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