Friday, March 29, 2013

True Christians are done in Denmark.

"That can never happen here," homofascists will say when people like me defend their right to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and shun sexual sin.  I'm not buying what the glbt community is selling, and I reject the concept that homosexuality is normal.  Even if every human being on the face of the Earth decides that homosexuality is normal, and every country legalizes same-sex "marriage," it will still be wrong because God says it is.

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  1. It is happening here already: Life Site News reported on March 11 that Minnesota is on the verge of enacting an "anti-bullying" law, introduced in the state senate by homosexual/homosexualist Scott Dibble (who "married" another man in California, before the passage of Proposition 8), which would proscribe "bullying"--defined o broadly that just about anything remotely negative about "sexual orientation" would qualify--not only in the public schools, but in any school that receives funds, directly or indirectly, from the state. Private schools in Minnesota do not receive public funding, but the children who attend them often do receive educationally-relevant resources from the state, e.g., books or testing services, which would bring these schools (including religious schools) under the purview of the law.

    In saner times . . . well, such a statute would have been inconceivable, of course, but, given that it passed, U. S. courts would have shortly struck it down on First Amendment grounds. But, since we no longer live in sane times, and we have not so much rule of law as rule by judicial whim ("kritarchy" is the fancy term for it), vide the federal case law in the Ninth Circuit referring to the Proposition 8 litigation (now before the Supreme Court), goodness knows what the state and federal courts will make of the Minnesota anti-bullying law. We are just a few adverse court decisions away from the stripping of free speech and freedom of religion rights in this country, in the name of heretofore unsuspected "group rights," like the right to sodomy without the least objection from anyone whosoever.

    I am providing the web address of the Life Site News article for Mantronikk, in case he has not yet read it:

    As always, I thank Mantronikk for his courage and fortitude in exposing and opposing the abuses of the homosexualists against the long-established sexual mores and individual freedoms of Western man.

  2. An amazing and valued comment. I wanted to respond sooner, but I worked from 5:30pm Saturday until Noon Sunday, and I've been offline.

    I suspect that SCOTUS will allow the redefinition of marriage against the will of the voters in California. We are starting to see the results of years and years of anti-hetero propaganda.


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