Friday, March 22, 2013

Hate-filled, homofascist high school play.

Is there a high school principal in the United States that would allow a play that mocked and riduculed the glbt community to take place in his/her school?  How about a play that had explicit, heterosexual erotica?  How about a play that mocked Islam?  Why then, is it okay to attack, defame, insult, and provoke true Christians?                                             

"The school is performing the play, Paul Rudnick. It's billed as a "comedy." But it's described by many as "blasphemous and hateful." The play retells stories from the Bible using homosexual characters in a pornographic and mocking fashion.

The play begins with a retelling of Genesis using a homosexual couple, Adam and Steve, instead of Adam and Eve, along with other homosexual characters who are are very sexually explicit in their speech and actions. As one review puts it, this re-telling of Genesis "gets so specific as to be a gay how-to sexbook."

It includes a depiction of Steve having a sexual relationship with an animal during the Noah's Ark scene. After several other hideous defamations of Bible stories, the first act ends with Adam and Steve being two of the wise men at the Nativity. The second scene appears to be a modern-day depiction of the birth of Jesus in a New York apartment with the "wise man" Steve now being HIV-positive and the pregnant Mary being a lesbian who (among other things) exclaims: "I'm not supposed to be pregnant, I'm a bulldyke!" "

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