Monday, April 22, 2013

Undeniable, child-endangering homofascism.

I've never felt so validated as the owner of as I do today.  How can anybody deny that the glbt community's agenda is a danger to children after this news story?  The parents of these children were not notified in advance of this glbt indoctrination.  All this was done under the guise of "anti-bullying" education.  Weren't these children being bullied by the teacher of this class!?  Children given step-by-step instruction on how to BE gay!?!

Is there anybody who now has the nerve to deny my observation that the glbt community has EVERY intention of violating the parental civil rights of ANYBODY who doesn't support same-sex "marriage."

More info here.


  1. Teaching children how to be straight is the exact purpose of "sexual education" in schools. I'm lesbian, and, even though there are a few outliers, I promise you almost none of us have "EVERY intention of violating parental civil rights". Also, what about schools that enforce prayer? I don't personally support prayer, aren't my civil rights being infringed upon? I'm sorry, but your use of the term "hate filled homofacists" disgusts me.

    1. I'm sorry but you're wrong. Sex education classes show how humans make more humans, and that process just happens to be called heterosexuality. If you speak to a child about anything sexual, without the consent of that child's parent, you are violating the civil rights of that child's parents. Can you tell me the name of the school that forces your child to pray?

      If you think that it is okay for teachers to speak to very young children about glbt issues despite the objections of their parents, then you support the violation of the civil rights of those parents. Also, parents have the right to withhold their children from sex education classes.

    2. Well, can you tell me the name of the school that forces your child to pray?


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