Friday, April 12, 2013

Will money be awarded to "infertile" gay couples? (Say WHAT !?!?!)

On a Tuesday, two men, Neil and Robert, walk into the human resources department of Neil's employer.  They are invited to sit down, in her cubicle, by Eve, who works for human resources.  After they sit down, Neil says, "I've been having sex with my husband Robert for a year now and I can't seem to get him pregnant.

Eve says, "But Robert can't become pregnant because he's a man."

Robert then says, "But we want infertility treatments.  If we were an opposite sex couple, and we couldn't get pregnant after a year of having sex, we would have the right to federally funded infertility treatments."

Neil then says, "We are legally married in this state and we demand the same federal funds that an opposite sex couple has access to."

Eve says, "But gentlemen... a man cannot impregnate another man.  Therefore, my company cannot grant your request for infertility treatments."

Neil and Robert break out into huge grins, and Robert says, "Thank you for your time Eve."  Both men get up and walk out of Eve's cubicle as she sits blinking with an incredulous look on her face.

The following Wednesday, Eve is fired for treating a same-sex couple differently that an opposite-sex couple.

If you think that this scenario could never happen, click here or here.

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