Thursday, August 8, 2013

The rise of the Voice of the Voiceless.

This video is going to drive homofascists crazy. The existence of ex-gays collapses the "born gay" lie. More info here.


  1. The comments under the CBN article linked to above are as instructive in their own way as the article itself: homosexualist after homosexualist repeats the shibboleth that homosexuality is genetic, or at least congenital, sometimes even arguing sacrilegiously that "God made them that way." Some of these comments even claim spuriously that "science" has shown it to be both inborn and ineradicable. Yet, most adults have known cases personally--as have I--where homosexuals have changed their orientation, sometimes spontaneously (I have known two such cases myself) or after undergoing a religious conversion. It is not a rare event! (Admittedly, such changes in orientation and behavior, in the opposite direction, also occur, but this just shows that human sexuality is a complex and malleable phenomenon, as are nearly all mental states . . . and also vulnerable to the temptation to sin.) And every testable claim made to date for the genetic or congenital basis of homosexuality has been falsified.

    But, of course, if you simply repeat a falsehood frequently enough, while effectively suppressing opposing views, eventually some significant portion of the population will believe it, the mass effect on which totalitarian propaganda depends. Ionesco got it just right in his play, _Rhinoceros_. Even so, to end on an optimistic note, Lincoln, I believe, also got it right, when he said, ". . . you cannot fool all the people all the time."

    1. Well said, and good to hear from you again. I envy your obvious education.

      The "born gay" lie is like the Titanic; man-made, glorious, worshipped, popular... and yet doomed.


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