Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Rose Parade to celebrate same-sex "marriage."

I've been too shocked by and busy to cover the travesty in Utah because of the Duck Dynasty episode.  But I'm trying to catch up on my blog posts and I heard about the heartbreaking celebration of sexual perversion that will make it impossible for some people to take their children to see to anal..  err.. excuse me.. ANNUAL Rose Bowl Parade.

I guess that covering the eyes of one's children as the same-sex "marriage" float goes by would be an option, but it is a sad day in my country when such an immoral event is celebrated in such a wholesome way.  A float celebrating a man smoking a cigarette wouldn't be allowed, but homosexuality, which is 44 to 80 times more likely to cause a man to catch a fatal disease and die than heterosexuality, is.

Sad story here.


  1. That is a really good point about not being able to celebrate smoking, but they can celebrate sodomy. And I would imagine that not only could they not have a float in the parade that celebrates smoking, but I am sure that even someone having a cigarette on one of the floats would surely catch hell.

    There is no doubt that we are living in the modern reincarnation of Sodom. May God help us.

  2. The glbt lifestyle is so astonishingly wrong that it boggles my mind. Then a homofascist had the nerve to verbally attack me and bring me into this conflict between straights and gays. Wow.

    Grade schools will teach children, behind the backs of their parents, that it is okay to become a part of the glbt community, but let a cigarette vendor approach the school board to set up shop among the children.

    The mindset that supports glbt behavior is astoundingly hypocritical. You should see the hundreds of comments from banned names that I have to weed out of my blog.

    1. Yeah, I can imagine the comments you get...completely profane, sick, grotesque, violent, I am sure. That is the mindset. You know that I know this as well.

      I am done with this country, but I have no desire to go elsewhere either. There is much worth fighting for here. We need to start getting together, opting out, separating. It is the only answer. The country must dissolve. I don't believe reform to be remotely possible as a nation, and I haven't believed so for quite some time.


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