Monday, January 20, 2014

"Maybe He's Not Gay" book upsetting child-chasing homofascists.


Once again, true to form, the glbt community is twisting-off because of a book that exposes their flawed logic and their intention to violate the civil rights of parents who do not support homofascism.
Even the Russians are now actively fighting child-endangering homofascism.

“…Homosexual radicals stand in an untenable position of deceit about the nature of their lifestyle and the real-world results of their behavior, and they detest any debate about it. That is why they aggressively work to stifle all voices that present the truth about the many and varied dangers of homosexual behavior. Instead of welcoming honest dialogue, they attempt to vilify, demean and ridicule those of us who present the truth. Their chief weapons are hostility and baseless name-calling …”

“…most of our kids are under a barrage of pro-homosexual propaganda in their schools, from the media and entertainment industries. …”

“… Homosexual activists are working feverishly to indoctrinate and recruit kids to their way of thinking, to view homosexuality as just another acceptable sexual preference, while they hide the awful side of it, the devastated minds, bodies and spirits of people who have plunged into homosexuality and paid a dear price for it. …”

“… Linda Harvey's book is a huge threat to the false claims of homosexual activists. This book busts the main myths of the homosexual movement – that people are "born that way" and cannot change, that those of us who warn of the dangers inherent in the homosexual lifestyle are "haters" and "bigots," that taking the leap into homosexuality at a young age will make you happy, …”

“… a gentle, thoughtful and clear way that leads young people through the illogic of the message of homosexual activist groups that don't tell young people the truth, and she guides them into the compelling logic of the truth about homosexuality. …”

“… homosexual activists are attacking Linda and her book with all the venom they possess. They have flooded her book's Amazon page with fake reviews full of nonsensical verbal assaults …”

Full story here.

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