Monday, January 6, 2014

SCOTUS stops marriage redefinition in Utah. (At least temporarily.)

Why is the definition of a true marriage always called, "...a same-sex 'marriage' ban..." by the mainstream media?  Why is this manipulative, incendiary, terminology the go-to phrase of so many?  This is the type of mislabeling that inspired me to create the word "heteroseparatist" in the first place.  Because of my childhood, misinformation drives me up the wall.

By the same reasoning that people support the redefinition of marriage, (the concept that a same-sex couple should have the same access to marriage of a heterosexual couple) people support marriage between sterile, adult siblings or polygamists.  If the glbt community is allowed to redefine marriage, then other communities must also be able to redefine marriage.

Story here and here.


  1. I posted a reply about 2 weeks ago on your blog. It has not been posted yet. I followed your rules for posting, as I always do when posting anywhere anyway. So maybe you have just missed it (I did post during the hustle and bustle of Christmas). If that is the case, it would be nice to know that I have not been banned. Because I would like to discuss with you.

    1. Your profile looks suspicious to me. If I remember correctly, I once asked you if you had ever posted comments on my blog under another name and you didn't answer my question. I don't put up with people who won't give me a direct answer to a simple and understandable question.

      So... have you ever posted comments or questions on this blog under any other name?


  2. No, I have never posted comments on your blog under another name. The post I wrote 2 weeks ago was the first time I wrote anything on your blog. You just have me confused with someone else.

    I must say for someone who demands civility in their comments section, you are not very good at giving it yourself.

    But maybe that is to expected of someone who starts his own movement because he doesn’t want to be defined unjustly by others and then immediately goes and defines a whole group of people by prejudices that have plagued them for as long as anyone can remember.

    Respect goes both ways

    1. Mantronikk is not alone there are millions of us that agree with his manifesto

  3. How am I defining by "prejudice" when homosexual men and women broadcast their sexual actions to all?

  4. Prejudice manifests itself in a discrepancy between how one thinks about US and THEM.

    In the “US” group every individual is judged by their own actions. Whereas in the “THEM” group all individuals are prejudged by the bad acts (or just completely invented stuff) of a few individuals of that group.

    On your blog you for instance take the example of one lying individual, and calls that individual “the poster child of the glbt community”, and when you can find another liar in that same group, you believe that you “present evidence that the entire glbt community is living a lie.”

    With a few individuals you try to prove something about the whole “THEM” group. I can not imagine you would ever do that to your “US” group, like e.g. proving something about all straight people just because you found a couple of lying straight individuals.

    Even your question to me “How am I defining by "prejudice" when homosexual men and women broadcast their sexual actions to all?” follows this same pattern.

  5. But I use the same standard for “us” as I do for “them.” When someone tells me that they are a fellow servant of the Lord Jesus Christ and then turns around and behaves in a manner that is clearly outside of the commandments of Jesus Christ, I remove that person from my life because of …

    1 John 2:4 Whoever says, “I know him,” but does not do what he commands is a liar, and the truth is not in that person.

    I have also denounced false “Christians” on this blog…

    By this same reasoning, I know that a person who is a member of the glbt community has automatically rejected the truth of Jesus Christ and His words described members of the glbt community in this way…

    Romans 1:27-31 27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error. 28 Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done. 29 They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips, 30 slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; 31 they have no understanding, no fidelity, no love, no mercy.

    Note the word “deceit” in verse 29.

    Despite my compassion for those that suffer from same-sex attraction through no fault of their own, a person has to reject some very basic and obvious truths to enter in and become a part of the glbt community and is therefore operating under self-deception. How can someone who is incapable of being honest with themselves be honest with others?

  6. I do not believe there is a God. But I understand that you do. And I understand that you make your decisions based on this religious world view.

    Even if you do not believe in an a godless world, I ask you to try and accept that many people do make their decisions based on that kind of worldview.

    Take the example of a gay atheist. A gay atheist does not reject any moral truth in order to consummate his/her love. Because in his mind there is no God, therefore no word of God to reject. So mentally he is no closer than before to crossing the moral borders that keep us from harming others (everything from lying to rape and murder).

    While I understand that you believe a moral border has been crossed when a gay person does not deny his orientation, please don’t act as if gay people believe this too, and that they just decide to rebel against it. Sadly some do believe it, most often because of their upbringing. But don’t just make assumptions that every other person accept certain things as true, just because you see them as obvious truths.

    So your question about whether “someone who is incapable of being honest with themselves [can] be honest with others” is based on an assumption that I can not agree with. Actually I think to acknowledge your feelings and emotions is about the most honest you can be to yourself.

    I also understand that because of your religious beliefs you believe lots of bad stuff (like lying) follows being gay. And you are entitled to your beliefs.

    But it does not however, change the burden of proof. It does not bring any extra credence to the notion that the acts of a few individuals can be used to define a whole group. And if these ideas about gay people were in fact true, you (and many before you) would actually be able to prove it.

    And what has happened over the last years with the increased visibility of LGBT people, is that more and more people are waking up to notice the rift between the defaming horror stories and what they actually see for themselves.

  7. With all due respect and kindness to you, you are simply… wrong.

    God created the heavens and the Earth. Our planet and the life forms on it are too precisely designed for that not to be true. Not only is there a God, a part of God that we humans call Jesus Christ came to Earth to communicate to us and defeat the works of Satan. God loves you and wants you to spend eternity with Him and is, right at this very moment, using me, His ally/employee/trainee, to communicate that to you personally. I am offering you the data to give you a complete and joyful life and to save you from being eternally separated from Him. God IS love, so to reject him is to reject love. To reject Him is to harm those you care about. Why not accept God in order to save those you love from the many, powerful deceptions of the evil one?

    Christianity is not a “religion,” Christianity is a philosophy from God Himself. Religions are created by humans, not God. To trust in your own heart and mind is foolishness according to the Word of God. And as far as atheism goes…

    Also, this entire blog contains non-biblical, present-day evidence/data to support each blog post.

    Because of your conduct, your comments are very, very welcome here.

  8. I was not debating the existence of God. That debate has been going on for centuries, since no one has ever been able to ultimately prove either position.

    What I was debating is how you try to prove these Biblical ideas.

    Let’s say hypothetically that you are right about the existence of God, and the Bible is his word verbatim. A gay atheist is still not lying to himself, because as far as he knows, there is no word of God to reject. In this hypothetical example, he is wrong yes, but he is completely unaware of it. And not being aware of something is not the same as lying. So you can not argue that that person is already used to lying, and thus more likely to lie to others.

    Because an atheist would not agree with you that there are any obvious truths to reject in order to embrace homosexuality. Because in nature there exists no argument that homosexuality is morally wrong. Therefore most arguments you hear people make is about trying to make homosexuality guilty by association. Like finding examples of horrible people, guilty of heinous crimes, that happened to be gay and then use them as an example of all gays.

    And if anyone could show that homosexual love in itself was wrong, someone would have done so, without having to resort to try and associate it with assorted heinous acts.

  9. A person capable of denying the obvious design of human genitalia and the reality of gender is capable of denying ANY moral boundary. This is why there is no heterosexual equivalent for NAMbLA.

    What the glbt community calls "love" actually isn't. It's the fear of loneliness combined with sexual desire. God is love, and nothing that comes from God causes same-sex attraction.

  10. If these truths you mention should be obvious even for non-religious people, can we then please discuss them with all religious moral imperatives removed from the equation.

    A person accepting his homosexuality (an act that has no victim and is not harmful) is to you an indication that that person might cross moral boundaries (causing harm to victims).

    If you are non-religious these two things are so far apart that there is no logical link between them. But you think this leap should be obvious to me, can you explain why?

  11. I won’t discuss homosexuality and also abandon what Jesus Christ says about homosexuality. And again, Christianity isn’t a “religion.”

    A man who “accepts his homosexuality” is refusing to admit to himself that something is wrong with him and is victimizing himself with a 150 fold increase of catching a fatal disease. This info is NOT Biblical…

    If it isn’t obvious to you that the penis of an adult man is designed to fit inside the vagina of an adult woman then I can’t reach you. Also, according to the Bible, a married man and woman can do anything sexual that the woman wants to do. The Bible even endorses oral sex between married people…

  12. Lars, you ask about a burden of proof regarding gay behavior outside of the obvious same sex attraction. May I first say that in almost all matters of morality, there is no such thing as complete proof. But there is evidence, and when that evidence becomes overwhelming, something is considered to be true.

    Last year, (or maybe the year before, I don't recall), I submitted an extensive essay to Mantronikk that he posted on the site. I believe it is still here in the archives. You can search it under my name, Aservant. This is my testament to the truth about the homosexual lifestyle, and it gives great credence to the passage of Romans that Mantronikk posted in this discussion.

    I did not become a believer in Christ and the Bible because I don't think and therefore I blindly follow the word; no rather, it is the contrary. I became a believer because when I finally read what the Good Book teaches it confirmed what I had observed and lived in the world. I finally could understand our existence, and with that, I finally found peace.

  13. I never asked you to abandon your Biblical beliefs, I just pointed out that if you are to make the claim that your ideas about homosexuality should be obvious to atheists even, you have to be able to show why without resorting to your Biblical beliefs.

    Because the facts you provide still are not specifically about homosexuality. If we accept that the high percentage of gay people in the US with HIV as an argument against homosexuality then obviously heterosexuality becomes wrong in the places of the world where there is a HIV epidemic among heterosexuals.

    But there is so much human suffering behind those statistical numbers, that I feel queasy using them as arguments.

    And instead I will focus on my self as an example. I live in a place of the world where being gay is not “controversial”, and that does not come close to the HIV numbers that you have in the United States. I have had sex with one man. After testing. And being lucky in having found my soul-mate, I hope it will stay at that number. So you can not really say I victimized myself “with a 150 fold increase of catching a fatal disease”.

    Also none of the other examples you have tried to link with homosexuality have anything to do with me. But I am still gay. What does that tell you?

  14. @Aservant. Great to hear from you.

    @Lars; These are the links to Aservants astonishing novelette.

  15. @Lars,

    I suspected that you were gay so I’ve been extra careful to share the Word of God in love; with the kindness and respect that my Lord would use. Your initial post was lost in a security sweep because of hundreds of posts that come from a homofascist, cyberstalking, mindset. 94% of the posts I get are hostile and I’ve even been threatened.

    I GUARAUNTEE that you will not have just one homosexual lover because I know about the spirit that’s seducing you. I’ve been studying the Bible since 1979, and I read scripture every single day.

    And as far as health issues for homosexuals go…

  16. Always a pleasure Mantronikk......I don't post here often as you know, but I always follow the site. I don't know if you caught my comment a while back, but my link for the site was broken and I didn't see any new posts for several months every time that I came here, so I had thought that you had fallen off the radar. This is why I wasn't around for so long. But since finding you again I check you out on almost a daily basis. As you know, I have a lot of respect for your work.

    I'll be waiting to see if Lars reads my essay, and if so, what his thoughts on it will be.

    And if I haven't said so already, a very happy New Year in Christ to you my brother.

  17. @ Aservant,

    Google changed the url to my homepage after I moved it to this blog. I didn't find that out until a few months after it happened. I'll keep checking it in the future.

    Thanks for the complement. The next phase of development of won't take place until I can afford a business license, but I can promise you one of the first bumper stickers/collector's items when I finalize the design/my plans.

    You may be interested in a daily formula of mine; I read the corresponding chapter of Proverbs depending on the date of the month, like many/some Christians do. But I have ALSO created a formula for the 150 chapters of Psalms.

    Multiply the date of the month by 5, then minus 1 for Monday, 2 for Tue., 3 for Wed., and 4 for Thu., to determine which Psalm to read that day.

    Today is the 17th and it is Friday, so I would read Psalms 85 and Proverbs 17.

    This spiritual exercise is brief, but VERY effective if done every weekday.

    Again, good to hear from you. The peace of the Lord be with you.

  18. @Aservant, I have now read your essay, but I am not sure what you want me to take from it. Assuming you have read what I have written here you must know that your ideas about homosexuality does not apply to my life. Neither does it apply to the community I live in.

    So I don’t understand how you expect me to take any “truth” from your essay regarding the nature of homosexuality. I understand that you have been badly hurt by that sociopath you call John. After going through something like that, prejudicial thinking can get the better of us.

    I understand that you do not wish to be prejudiced, but the reasoning in your essay still is. Your thesis that homosexuality is akin to hard substance addiction is based on such wild assumptions that I frankly do not know where to start.

    My schedule is so hectic that there is no way I can go into it all now. But if you want to have an open discussion about the contents of your essay I will be here.

    @Mantronikk, well up to now, not one of the things you believe to be true about homosexuals has been true about me, so I guess I should take it as a good sign then that you guarantee that I will not spend the rest of my life with my soulmate.

  19. @ Lars; I say this with the love of Jesus Christ... please prepare yourself for disaster. The Lord healed my broken heart and He can heal yours too.

  20. Lars, with all due respect, your reply really smacks of insincerity and condescension. Sorry, I am not trying to be disrespectful here, but for those of us concerned with these issues, now is the time for straight talk. There is too much on the line to beat around the bush anymore. So I apologize if it sounds that I am being cold or harsh, but this is not my intention; I am merely speaking straight to the point.

    What you have written here reads as vintage denial and projection. You don't know what I want you to take away from my essay? How could that be? You definitely seem to be intelligent and well spoken, so this claim just isn't believable in the least. Lars, for the record, you are not being clever, although I believe that you think you are. I am now quite practiced at these types of exchanges.

    I wrote about almost countless facts and experiences over many years, facts and experiences that have been documented by psychology and the main stream media about what is the reality of homosexual culture. Furthermore, my experience isn't in a vacuum, thousands upon thousands of other individuals have witnessed and testified to the same truths that I have, perhaps even millions, over millennium, regarding this issue. I highly doubt that you are unaware of this. And if you are, you are existing in a gross state of ignorance, and ignorance, especially with this issue, is downright dangerous. You respond with this apparent, feigned, "confusion", as to what you were supposed to understand, and then cut straight to projecting your bias on to me by claiming that I am prejudiced because I was hurt by the individual that I named John in my essay. I did not describe myself as being hurt by John in the essay, that is your projection, and it is very calculated. It is a strategy straight from “After the Ball”. It’s a very slick debate tactic that is very commonly used by the left, not just the homosexual lobby. It is a strong appeal to the emotions, with the attacker feigning empathy so as to come off “holier than thou”; meanwhile, the source is discredited at the same time.

    This is how it is supposed to work; “Although you are attacking me, I understand you. (because I am the better person, I mean, I must be, because although you are attacking me, I am willing to understand your hurt). So now that it has been established that I am hurt, and therefore “blind with pain and so therefore can’t think straight”, and it has also been established that you are of a much higher moral fiber than me, the powerful demonization is thrown in; prejudice. This is a boogeyman word that has been used to death for decades by the left. If someone has a strong point that can’t be refuted, just call him “prejudice”. And, unfortunately, in most cases, in our illogical, feminized, overly emotional society, it works. Well, not with me. Nice try.

    I never described myself as being “badly hurt” by my experience with John, and I never would, because I wasn’t. I was mad as hell, insulted, amazed, embarrassed, indignant, but not even close to being hurt. Frankly, in a much more honest, righteous age, I would have kicked his ass in rage, and frankly again, I wanted to. In a word, I was filled with righteous anger from the experience. Hurt comes when a loved one, that you respect, does you wrong. This never even came to figuring into the picture at any time with my relationship with John. I considered him a good friend that I could trust, nothing more.

    So seems how you are apparently confused as to what lessons could be drawn from my essay, let me break it down for you here very logically.

    To be continued in the next post.

  21. This is the continuation from the last comment.

    Until I had a close personal experience with the corruption of the soul that the gay lifestyle is, I refused to listen to or even consider the reality of what that existence really is. This is when I practiced prejudice, Lars, when I just listened and obeyed without thinking or analyzing for myself using logic. Once my eyes were opened by profound, repetitive personal betrayal, I could see the truth for what it was.

    You state that my thesis that homosexuality is akin to a hard substance addiction is based on assumptions. No Lars, I wrote about Dr. Socarides in my essay whose work was based on the treatment of 1000s of homosexuals, and this largely lead me to this conclusion, which in fact, was his conclusion as well. There are no assumptions here. The countless facts that I listed in my essay about my experience in Ft. Lauderdale, as well as my detailed accounting about the statistics that have been gathered , the observations of many others about the gay lifestyle, the workings of the gay movement etc., are not assumptive in the least; they are as close to hard proof about the destructive ways of the gay lifestyle as one can get.

    I have a very strong feeling, based on many, many repetitive experiences, that if we were to continue discussion on the matter, like you have said you are open to doing, it will be an endless string of projection, labeling and denial from your end, just like this comment was. This does not interest me in the least, and honestly Lars, these constant exchanges are not doing anything to win me over to seeing the “healthy gay point of view”. In fact, they are confirming exactly the very negative impressions about the gay lifestyle that were already imparted upon me from my experiences as outlined in my essay. I find it very troubling that it seems that the main theme of your rebuttals is “Well, I can assure you that none of this applies to me and my life, and I am gay, so all is good in the world”. The only way that I can describe such an attitude is all consuming narcissism; selfishness at its zenith. I think it is important for you to understand if you are to engage with people like myself and Mantronikk that this attitude is the antithesis of the Christian way, and we consider ourselves to be very devout Christians, so much so that we forget ourselves as commanded and testify before all about God’s truth.

    I sincerely hope that you will take what I have written here to heart. I do not hope so for my sake, but rather for yours Lars. May God have mercy upon you.

  22. @Mantronikk, I know you are supposed to try and convert me, but fire and brimstone does not work on me. It is not for a lack of fear that I do not believe in a god. I just do not believe. Rational reasoning is the way to reach me. And the discrepancy between what you preach about homosexuality and actual reality is not something that is going to bring me any closer to believing.

    1. @Lars,
      I was referring to the broken heart that you are going to have when you discover the truth about your homosexual sex partner. One of you is guaranteed to stray sexually.

      I said nothing about "fire and brimstone." I know that you are headed for heartbreak and I'm trying to show you the way out. Only Jesus Christ is going to be able to heal your heart in the future.


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