Sunday, February 23, 2014

The word "homofascism" is apparently here to stay.

Yet again, at only eight seconds into the video, yet more proof of homofascist intolerance. 

Mr. Scott Lively has been fighting homofascism for at least five years before I was pulled into this fight for the right to live my life according to the Word of God and separate myself from those who willfully (as opposed to willingly) embrace sexual sin. 

When I challenge homosexual activists to show me evidence of how Mr. Scott Lively has ever condoned hatred or violence against members in the glbt community... NOBODY can come up with any evidence.  I get the same old, worn-out, knee-jerk, rhetoric... but NO evidence.  


  1. Has he directly advocated violence against gays? No, but his rhetoric has been nothing short of inflammatory.

    He has called gays the "devil's perfect foot soldiers" (

    He has called for the criminalization of homosexuality: ""

    He has called the gay movement "An evil institution" (

    He basically said that gays will be an element of the end times (

    Has said that activists should be willing to "“give up our lives if necessary" (

    Has called gays "enemies of truth" (

    He has also said that homosexuality is the "heart of the apocalypse" (

    Did he directly advocate violence against gays? No, buy Charles Manson did not directly murder anyone, either.

    Calling gays "evil", saying they're responsible for the apocalypse, and saying they are footsoldiers of the devil is inflammatory rhetoric that spawns violence against gays.

  2. Comparing Scott Lively to Charles Manson is the epitome of "inflammatory rhetoric." Charles Manson told his followers to murder human beings. More propaganda is directed towards those who don't support the glbt community and the redefinition of marriage than vice-versa. And you, ironically, just proved that.

    The glbt community simply wants to silence and destroy ANYONE who won't accept the glbt lifestyle as normal.

    I challenge you to give me the specific link to where Scott Lively said that gays were responsible for the apocalypse. If you don't, aren't you responsible for inflammatory rhetoric?

  3. Was saying that they are the "heart of the antiChrist kingdom" ( not enough? Or that gay rights "portends the end times?" (

    Or how about how he says that gays helped to mastermind the holocaust? (

    I challenge you, as someone who claims to "reject hatred for homosexuals, "to renounce his extremist rhetoric.

    As for your comment about "silence and destroy", I think the onion said it best:,35379/

    1. Why didn’t you quote Scott Lively correctly the first time instead of saying that he said that gays were, “responsible for the apocalypse”? Isn’t the now-provable fact that you didn’t quote Scott Lively correctly the first time proof of YOUR “extremist rhetoric”? Why did you have to mischaracterize Scott Lively’s exact words? Have you not failed to provide proof the Mr. Lively said that gays “were responsible for the apocalypse”?

      My “extremist rhetoric” is the truth about what motivates homofascists. I don’t oppose gay people, I expose gay propaganda. And I have already, repeatedly denounced proactive violence, and hatred for the glbt community, but I will defend and stand on Jesus Christ’s definition of marriage and defend my right, and the rights of my Christian brothers and sisters, to live our lives according to the Word of God.

  4. Well C Mac, did you not misquote Scott Lively?

  5. If only I put quotes around it, which I did not. I think its an appropriate paraphrase of "gay rights portends the end times ". I love that you ignore all of his other documented quotes to harp on that. I am done with commenting on this blog, as it gives this blog an air of legitimacy.

    1. So you DID misquote Scott Lively. Was your "appropriate paraphrase" what he actually said? No, it wasn't. I "harp" on this fact to illuminate one of the most common tactics of people like you; to first mischaracterize... then attack. You have clearly assigned words to Scott Lively that he did NOT say. Your thinking that you can paraphrase the words of others is wrong.

      People like you inspired me to start this blog by mischaracterizing me as a homophobe when I have no hatred or fear of the glbt community, yet, because I have tested the Word of God, I put the Word of God above the words of the gay community.

      I believe that you are done commenting here because you cannot deceive me. But you are very welcome to continue to try.

  6. There is nothing unscrupulous about demonizing self-annihilators and holding hatred for those that "preach" self-annihilating lifestyles to the masses.

    And the homosexual is the archetype self-annihilator.


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