Friday, May 16, 2014

Amy Kushnir recieves threats from homofascists.

A romantic kiss between two homosexuals is not like a romantic kiss between a man and a woman.  It is a sinful, perverted thing for two males to engage in a romantic kiss.  It is not a sinful, perverted thing for a man to kiss a willing woman in a romantic fashion unless that woman is a relative by blood or marriage.  On occasions, when I see a homosexual couple, I alter my plans to avoid a conflict.

This woman, Amy Kushnir, has been threatened with rape for expressing her aversion to two men kissing in a romantic way.  To threaten someone for being disturbed by two homosexuals kissing is what homofascism is all about.    


  1. Men are not sexually averse to females nor are they sexually attracted to other males... This is not a critique, but an important correction in the dialogue as MEN don't romantically/sexually kiss other MEN.

    These are homosexual males and we have seen time and time again how the language is being purposely perverted in order to suit the homosexual agenda with notions of "gay men" or "homosexual men."

    "Gay men" and "homosexual men" are undoubtedly liberal social constructions aimed at destroy any definitive notion of Man.

    1. That's an interesting distinction that I will upgrade my mind with. Thank you.

      I love new word-weapons that help me fight homofascism better.


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