Sunday, May 18, 2014

Attack on an "anti-gay" woman by a homofascist woman.

Will somebody please write down the definition of "anti-gay" for me because it is used so often to smear those who disagree with homosexual activity.  What is the definition of "anti-gay"?  I'd be willing to bet that God Himself fits the definition of "anti-gay."

Ms. Christine Weick, the woman holding the sign, had obviously been menaced by a male before the woman in red, Jessica Prince, physically attacked with the slushie, at 0:00:28.  Also, after the slushie attack, and a clear warning that mace would be used if the woman in red took another step towards her, Ms. Weick still did not use her mace even though the woman in red still took steps toward Ms. Weick. 

And listen to the profanity, anger, and observe the obscene gestures that come from the woman in red.  This is a clear indication of the hateful spirit that inspired her physical and verbal attack against the sign-holding woman.  This video shows the difference in the spirit that motivates the two women.  Then, on top of all that, the woman in red speaks of the Hell that she herself is headed to!


It is very true that those who hate the truth call the truth hate.


  1. Mantronikk...

    The effect of "equality" is to make equal two unequal things. The question therefore is whether these are actually two "women?" Again, I would suggest that a clear distinction be made between God-fearing women and the God-mocking radical female liberationists that stand in stark contrast. To give this trifling female liberationist the benefit of woman-ness IS REALLY to negate the true womanhood of her victim.

  2. I hear your point, however onlookers will see two women at odds. I have to speak to a large audience.


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