Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The end of Ellen and Portia?

Personally, I really like Ellen DeGeneres.  I covered her relationship in this excerpt of my manifesto...

The eight divisions of lesbianism are...

The four major categories; the Disappointed lesbian, who’s decided to live her life having romantic, sexual relations with other females due to her disappointment with the sexuality of and/or the weak and passive nature of modern men. The Exotic lesbian who’s turned on by the sheer rebelliousness of the lesbian lifestyle and/or the attention that it brings. The Feminist lesbian who sees sex with a man as an act of submission and oppression and just isn’t going to have sex with a man. Then, there’s the type that I care about the most, the Betrayed lesbian, who was sexually and/or emotionally abused by a person (usually her stepfather, mother’s boyfriend, or father) usually when she was very young and wants no sexual contact with anyone with an actual, live-flesh, penis.

The two minor categories are; the “Butch”/masculine lesbian, who’s decided to live her life as a man due to her appearance, rugged personality, and masculine/protective nature. (Most of these come from fatherless homes.) And the “Femme”/feminine lesbian, who usually doesn’t believe that the human male is capable of the kindness, compassion, or empathy of the human female, and/or wants a penis-free “man.”

The eight types of lesbians are much more emotionally intertwined than the five types of homosexuals because the former four types of lesbians; the disappointed, the exotic, the feminist, and the betrayed, choose one of the latter categories of butch or femme. Every lesbian that I’ve ever spoken to fits into one of the four major categorizes and one of the two sub-categorizes.

The best examples I can give are Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi. A betrayed-butch lesbian with an exotic-femme lesbian. And then there’s Rosie O’Donnell, who is clearly a feminist-butch lesbian.
(end excerpt)

With all of the above-mentioned info however, the Word of God will always be proven true.  No same-sex "marriage" can last because the participants thereof have automatically rejected the commandments of the Lord Jesus Christ and, unfortunately, are doomed to fail. 

Will video tapes of a belligerent Ellen end her relationship AND her television career?

Story here.

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