Thursday, November 20, 2014

HRC founder Terry Bean rapes 15 -year-old boy.

H omosexual
R ape
C ulture

Wow.  What a bombshell of a development.  This is one of the greatest blows (no pun intended) to homofascism that I've ever seen.

Same-sex attraction is most often rooted in an adult's wicked sexual attraction to a child.  Men who have sex with boys actually think that they are committing an act of love, since that's what they were told when they were being "loved" by the older male that seduced them into the glbt community.

As a psychological coping mechanism, many homosexuals refuse to admit to themselves that what was done to them as underdeveloped males was NOT an act of love.  This is what I'm fighting against; a deceived opponent.  When I created the word "heteroseparatist," I did so to avoid being mischaracterized as someone who was operating out of hate.  I am fighting the homofascism that is endangering children and eliminating the religious freedom that my country was founded for.

Sexual contact with children is the biggest and dirtiest secret of the glbt community, and the main cornerstone of same-sex attraction.

Story here.

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