Monday, March 2, 2015

R. I. P. Mr. Spock.

I heard the news at 1000hrs on 27 Feb. 2015, and I found myself shedding a few tears before regaining control of myself.  And I wanted to post this way sooner than I did.

I've known this man's face since 1968, when I watched my first episode of Star Trek.  And an entire Star Trek movie was dedicated to Mr. Spock.

Part of the way I think and communicate is because of my observations of the interactions between Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk.  As a child, I always admired the purity and accuracy of the information that Mr. Spock articulated to Captain Kirk and I dedicated myself to the science of communicating information accurately.  This is part of the reason I created the word "heteroseparatist."  There was no single word to communicate my hate-free decision to distance myself from those who choose to join the glbt community, so I created one.

More info here.

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