Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Dear Governor Mike Pence; being inarticulate does not make you wrong.

In response to the interviewer's yes-or-no question, Governor Mike Pence should have said "Do you want true Christians to be prosecuted for refusing to participate in same-sex 'marriage'?"  Governor Pence comes off looking like he doesn't know what he's talking about simply because he is not as articulate as the interviewer. 

I was once stymied by the interviewer's tactic until I figured out how to deal with it.  The key is to respond to the person that is hemming you up with a yes-or-no question with a yes-or-no question that puts them in the same dilemma that they are putting you in.

True Christians deserve the same legal protections that the glbt community has.  Any person should have the right to deny service to someone due to their behavior.  Skin color is not a behavior. 

Religions are created by men; what humanity currently calls "Christianity" comes from God Himself.  Cutting someone's head off with a knife because they refuse to convert to Islam is a "religious belief."  Refusing to comply with the redefinition of marriage is something that a true Christian should not be persecuted or prosecuted for.  My country was founded for religious freedom, but the Constitution could have been written better.

More info here and here.

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