Monday, April 6, 2015

Memories Pizza attacked by business-busting homofascists.

At 4:04, the owner of Memories pizza, Kevin O'Connor states that his business does serve homosexuals, yet they will not cater a same-sex "wedding." Whether they are straight or gay, disagreement infuriates a homofascist. This same Christian business would refuse all other deviations from Jesus' definition of marriage

I went to the GoFundMe website to donate to Memories Pizza but donations were closed for some reason.  I believe that donations were closed to prevent the owner of Memories pizza from becoming a multi-millionaire, and to prevent people like me from having hard evidence of just how many people are fighting back against business-busting homofascism.

Then, in the video below, look how glbt businesses openly display intolerance towards differing viewpoints.

More info here.

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