Monday, May 30, 2016

@ Matt II

Okay Matt, I finally have the time to respond to you like I want to. The complexity of my response required this new page/post.

1. I asked your age to see how quickly you would give me a truthful answer. Your resistance to the truth was what I was testing/exposing. Had the situation been reversed, and you had asked my age, I would have first responded with a truthful answer, and then asked what relevance my age was to you and/or our debate. The fact that it took so much energy from me to get a simple answer to a simple question reveals, to me, that you have been misled.

2. A man masquerading as a young girl and people who undergo extreme body modification suffer from the same thing… denial. (I am now answering your question because you have finally answered my question about your age.) Denial is also the cornerstone/foundation of the glbt community. Every member of the glbt community is in an emotion-based based state of denial. Every male who “identifies” as female is in extreme denial. Every female who “identifies” as male is in extreme denial.  No matter what a person "identifies" as, reality is still reality.  If a man who identifies as a woman is sexually attracted to women, he is a confused heterosexual, not a lesbian in a man's body.

3. You have obviously been taught that a person with a penis can actually be female, and that a person with a vagina can actually be male. Sex and gender are the same thing, yet you obviously believe that sex and gender are separate things. You’ve been misled by the deceived.

4. Until you accept the truth of the Word of God, you will continue on in your state of mind. When a person surrenders their own point of view and adheres to God’s point of view, that person can discern the fallacy of human misconception and know the truth. It is a humanist fallacy/lie that a person can be a biological male and actually female or be a biological female and actually be male. The Word of God outranks and outlasts popular, human opinion.  No matter how educated a person is, if their education opposes the Word of God, that person is wrong.

As before, please post any response on this page.


  1. Hey sorry for the long delay, I'm in the midst of painting my house. I'll try to post within the week.

    1. @Matt

      I've waited long enough to close this debate due to your lack of response. You are more than welcome to comment on other posts, but this page is now closed to you.

      When I created the word "heteroseparatist," I really did my homework. There is no hate in heteroseparatism. This is what stymies my haters/enemies.

      Looking forward to your future comments.


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