Monday, June 13, 2016

A Muslim walks into a gay bar...

...and shows the difference between Islam and true Christianity.

And I do not trivialize or enjoy the deaths of those slain.

While homofascists are targeting true Christians for not baking wedding cakes, or providing flowers, or photographing their same-sex "weddings," a Muslim man, angered by kissing between homosexual men, shows the difference between those who follow Jesus Christ, and those who follow Islam.

Now do you see member/supporter of the glbt community? 

Now do you see what hate really is? 

As a follower of Jesus Christ, I simply want to maintain my freedom to walk away from the glbt community.  I don't want to kill you.  I don't hate you.  But what you are doing is wrong.  God Himself says so. 

Now, every active member of the glbt community that was killed in the Pulse nightclub, and the shooter, is going to spend eternity separated from God, in a place currently called hell. 

Despite God's love for each member of the glbt community, if a person dies in active, sexual sin, that person must be assigned to an eternal separation from God.

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  1. Some on the Left are still decrying "Islamophobia" after this has happened. As a person who would be part of the LGBT "Community" if I bothered to claim it as a part of my identity, I'm annoyed if not angry. In favor of defending Islam (while placing blame on Christianity), those who were victims of the shooting and their peers have been thrown under the bus, as it were. -_-;


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