Monday, June 6, 2016

Born with a penis, but competing against girls.

Once again, the glbt community has dropped a jewel on my lawn, but I had some difficulty finding this video on YouTube.

Lets look at this case with some common sense...

No one who was born with a penis should be allowed to compete in an athletic competition/event with someone born with a vagina.  Even with its penis removed, the mature human male body is stronger than the mature human female body.  This is a scientific fact.  And this is common sense, not "transphobia."

The glbt community first denied the Word of God, and now, the roaringly obvious science of biological truth. 

How much further will my culture travel down the road of madness?  Glbt propaganda has made this foolishness possible, and the fight against glbt propaganda is one of the prime functions of my blog.  People are afraid of being labeled as "transphobic," and, more importantly, of loosing their jobs due to homofascist activists.

Original info here.

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