Thursday, December 15, 2016

Susan Olsen a.k.a. Cindy Brady successfully provoked by a homosexual.


Provocation is the cornerstone of the existence of this blog.  I asked a simple question about disagreeing with homosexuality when homofascists attacked me, so this blog was born. 

I've been provoked three times in the last six months by homosexuals.  One bumped into me on purpose, and the other two spoke to me wanting my attention.  I reeducated all three of them about leaving me alone, but I was careful not to cross the line of legality or embarrass my employer and get fired.  It took me a long time to figure out that some people live to bring down other people.

This is the case with Susan Olsen.  She was provoked by a homosexual and lost it.  Some members of the glbt community love to provoke and incite hatred, and then jump back and shine a spotlight on "homophobia."  This is why I became a blogger. 

Calling someone out of their name for their behavior is not the same as calling someone out of their name because of the color of their skin.  The glbt community has successfully deceived many people into believing that sexual orientation is the same as skin color.  The word "fa**ot" is not equivalent to the word "ni**er." 

I'm still taken aback by the fact that people are still using that old, worn-out, self flattering word, "homophobe."

Full story here and here.

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