Monday, August 30, 2010

Glenn Beck on homosexual "marriage."

This guy, Glenn Beck, is someone who I admire. He's made a big splash lately with his rally in D.C. But Mr. Beck couldn't be more wrong in his recent comment about homosexual "marriage" being no danger to America.

It's wrong to end religious freedom in the United States of America, which is exactly what this country was founded for. And legalizing homosexual "marriage" will do just that. Gay "marriage" will also legislate the acceptance of homosexuality in the sex-education classes of schoolchildren which is even more wrong.

"We must choose between the homosexual agenda and religious liberty, because it is impossible to have both." My supporting evidence is here.


  1. What a on earth is allowing gay people the legal right to marriage going to end religious freedom in the United States of America. Marriage is a civil right not a religious right. You can't get married in a church or anywhere else without a license issued by the state. It has to be really difficult to be that ignorant. Try reading the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

  2. 1. A gay man can marry one woman at a time just like I can, gays already HAVE the right to marry.
    2. Any Christian clergy or business who refuses to participate in a homosexual marriage will be legally prosecuted, bringing an effective end to religious freedom.

  3. #1...annoyingly stupid argument. I know enough gay men who married women thinking their natural urges would go away and the only result was unhappiness and divorce affecting entire families. And you think that's a good thing?
    #2...Another ridiculous statement. I don't know where you get your information but if you stop listening to the right wing lunatic fringe propaganda machine you might actually learn something

  4. The gay men you speak of shouldn't have married at all. Now they've left behind shattered families and broken hearts which is a terrible thing. If you and your homoacquaintances hadn't rejected the identity and teachings of Jesus Christ, the lives of other people wouldn't be so adversely affected. God can cure a person of SSA.

  5. @mantronikk for John
    I live in Canada, where gay marriage has legal since 2005 and, truth be told, the scenarios that worry you have NOT become fully fleshed. We don't teach children that they should be gay, but we also don't track them that being gay is wring. It isn't!


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