Monday, April 30, 2012

Dan Savage vs. the Word of God/Challenge for Dan Savage.

In the video below, that contains language that some people might find offensive, anti-Christ bigot Dan Savage calls scriptures that forbid sexual sin in the Bible "bull****." Then Mr Savage goes on to cherry-pick Old Testament verses concerning food-handling that were made obsolete by the words and sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Just as the word "homosexual" didn't exist when God wrote the Bible through men, the word "employee" didn't exist either. In the contemporary American language of this blog, the word "slave" in Romans, in the Bible, would be "employee," since the "slaves" spoken of in the New Testament, were being paid for their work!

Dan Savage is using a very old tactic of twisting scripture to justify his homosexual sin, since the Bible condemns slavery, which was called "manstealing" in it's day, in 1 Timothy 1:8-11! And, to the Glory of God, (who exposes Dan Savage's entire argument in one verse) verse 10 condemns men who have sex with men (whom we now call "homosexuals," and no longer call "sodomites") before slave traders.

Since he had an audience of young Christians who couldn't possibly have the scriptural knowledge of a mature Christian, Mr Savage got away with mischaracterizing the Word of God and deceiving many into thinking that God is now okay with sexual sin. Notice that sexual sin is the first thing mentioned here.

When will Mr. Savage go into a Mosque and call the verses that command the death of homosexuals in the Quran "bull****"?

The original info that inspired my challenge to Dan Savage to debate scripture with me on this blog can be found here.

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