Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The HATRED from marriage redefiners.

This video shows, without question, the hateful and intolerant spirit of those who wish to redefine marriage and silence those who disagree with them. I isolate myself from marriage redefiners. I don't associate with them. I attempt invisibility when anti-Christ marriage-redefiners appear, but when I'm cornered, I make it clear that I support the Lord's definition of marriage and I will defend my right to do so.


  1. Dear H.S.

    If you actually follow the updated on the gay websites (lgbt weekly, for example) you can get a heads-up on the various battles their waging in the respective regions, and can then reach out to the respective leaders of those places to jolt them with reality. That's what I do.

    Sometimes elected officials simply aren't exposed to a cohesive, organized arguement against the supposed merits of homsoexuality, and are probably grateful to get a piece of the truth.

    Also, I recall that (in a Seattle gay magazine)there was an ad for a life-sized, little boy "blowup doll" for order. Do you have any links of any of any place that confirms this?

    1. I have no links for the little boy blowup doll for homosexual men, but I will be web-searching for concrete information on your info.

    2. I heared that a major gay magazine was selling them from a guest on some radio show. And in the news there was a story where federal agents busted a child porn ring, and the guy had lots of anatomically correct child dolls.

      I think, if exposed, this could surface as a major black eye on the promotion of homosexuality - an incontrovertible link to pederasty.

  2. From James Machiko:

    That is one of the most shocking videos I've ever seen. Even though I know the mainstream media won't show any pro-right/anti-left views on homosexuality, I still have a hard time believing that they will ignore this for WBC homophobic protests.

    On a side note, I've shown this video to a pro-homosexuality person (who calls himself a Christian) after he tweeted, "I heard a term referring to anti-LGBT-equality people today that pissed me off beyond reproach. That term? "Pro-Family." Yeah. What The F***[sic]".

    I also asked him: "Um, if the pro-LGBT are so tolerant, why do you ignore stuff like this?"

    His response is that he'll pray for me since I have the 'twisted' idea of "LGBT are the ones "doing the attacking..."(I've never said that they were doing the attacking)," while displaying the video I've showed him.

    What do you think?

    1. Mr. Machiko,

      1. Please refrain from profanity even when quoting someone so I can post your comments more easily. 2. Send your "Christian" friend to, I want to hear about his reaction to the word "heteroseparatist." 3. Show your friend this link:

    2. I apologized for that and I just did. Now to wait, though given that, since I've shown him the link to this website last night and didn't say anything about it, I doubt he'll respond to this message.

    3. Mr. Machiko,

      Those who support the glbt community have been decieved into thinking that those who don't are motivated by hatred, fear, or ignorance. My blog is a nightmare to some homosexuals and ALL homofascists.

      Since there wasn't a word to describe people who don't support the glbt community but ALSO didn't hate gay people, I had to create one.


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