Monday, May 7, 2012

The DANGER of redefining marriage.

Last week, I discovered a story concerning a sexual relationship between three men where ALL of the definitions of a true marriage were broken; the one-man-with-one-woman definition, the TWO-become-one definition, and, the definition of adult-with-adult was also brushed against.

The story was too disturbing for me to cover at first. A Facebook friend posted it on her wall, and I discovered it during a standard, morning sweep of the internet. The story gave me the creeps and I was going to leave it alone until I saw the video above. It was this paragraph sent me into a high orbit when I first encountered this story.

"... “My relationship with Mark is lover and husband. And my relationship with Vinny is lover and son—even though there’s a sexual aspect to it,” DiLuzio says. “I think the type of nurturing we both give to Vinny is more of a parental kind of guideline, as well as a boyfriend guideline.” ..."

Lover and SON!?!?! WHAT WAS THAT!! What the f*** did you say?!

Is this not proof, from the words of an active homosexual, of the link between marriage redefiners, homosexuality, child molestation, and polygamy? It's obvious to me that all those who deviate from God's definition of marriage either directly or indirectly support sexual practices that endanger children.

Those who support same-sex "marriage," don't care about depriving a child of an opposite-sex parent. Those who support homosexuality think that it's okay to tell a child that homosexuality is okay without the consent of that child's parents. Those who support sexualizing, or having sex with children, obviously do so without the consent of that child's parents. And those who support polygamy refuse to see that it is mathematically impossible for a man with too many children to spend an appropriate amount of time with each of his children.

Those who cast aside true marriage must cast aside the Truth first.

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