Monday, April 9, 2012

"Offended" by the natural/true family!?!?

This story illuminates perfectly the influence of glbt organizations in our middle schools and high schools. A mural depicting a married man and woman with their child was deemed "possibly offensive to some" by high school officials, and the natural/true family was actually painted over!

Was the mural too "heteronormative"? Was it too "heterosexist"? What straight person would be offended by this mural? Doesn't this absurd action/point-of-view illustrate the glbt community's perverse mindset? I couldn't believe the homofascist bent/flavor of this story at first, but then my disbelief turned to joy because, once again, the adverse influence of the homosexual lifestyle in our nation's schools can be clearly and easily shown. Anyone offended by a mural depicting a man graduating from college, getting married, and then having a son, is clearly a twisted individual.

This is why I no longer associate with marriage/family redefiners. A person has to be crazy to be offended by true marriage and the normalcy of this mural.

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