Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The bloom is off of Scott Rose.

I believe that Mr. Scott Rose would welcome a child INTO the glbt community WITHOUT the consent of that child’s parents, and I challenge Scott Rose to deny my accusation.

I can and will and hereby denounce speaking to a child about heterosexuality or Christianity without the consent of that child’s parents, so how come Scott Rose can’t renounce speaking to a child about ENTERING the glbt community without the consent of that child's parents?

The Regnerus study thwarts the efforts of people like Scott Rose who want to normalize the gay lifestyle to children WITHOUT the consent of that child’s parents.
“Anti-bullying” classes in grade schools are used by some gay activists to encourage children to join the glbt community behind the backs of their parents. The mere mention of homosexuals in anti-bullying classes is NOT what I’m referring to. I’m talking about telling a child that it is okay for them to personally embrace homosexuality EVEN IF their parents tell them that the glbt lifestyle is wrong or sinful.

“…blogger Scott Rose accused Regnerus of scientific misconduct in two letters to the school, first charging Regnerus with deviating from “ethical standards” for research and later accusing him of “possible falsification” of research. Rose, who is gay, claimed the study was compromised…”

“…Regnerus’ New Family Structures Study sampled 3,000 people ages 18-39, of whom 248 said their mothers or fathers had a same-sex relationship while they were growing up. Regnerus, an associate professor of and a faculty associate at the university’s Population Research Center, said his study is unique because prior probes of same-sex parenting have been based on smaller samples and anecdotal cases that seemed designed to conclude there are no differences between children of the two groups. …”

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  1. Well Scott, I'm waiting. You can deny my accusations anytime you want to. Your silence is only proving my point.

    You cry out against civil rights abuses against gays yet you won't hesititate to violate a parent's civil rights? What gives?


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